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newton-api - A really micro micro-service for advanced math

  •    Javascript

Newton does anything from numerical calculation to symbolic math parsing. Send a GET request to newton with a url-encoded math expression and your preferred operation. Get back a JSON response with your problem solved.

Angles.js - Angles.js is a collection of functions to work with angles

  •    Javascript

Angles.js is a collection of functions to work with angles. The aim is to have a fast and correct library, which can effortlessly convert between different units and can seamlessly work within different units. The result is a static library, which works on a configurable scale. Simply calculate the linear interpolation of the smaller angle.

Tau.jl - A simple module providing definition of the Tau constant

  •    Julia

This Julia package defines the Tau constant and related functions. Note: to input the τ character, type \tau then press Tab.

Geometry2D - Unity3D: A set of helper classes for 2D geometric calculations.

  •    CSharp

A set of 2D Geometric helper components and structs for Unity3D. All structs are immutable. Useful for many things including calculating intersections, projections, distances and lerping.

mdlt - A command-line utility for quick math.

  •    Javascript

A command-line utility for quick math. Mdlt is a lightweight command line tool that lets you perform arithmetic and symbolic math operations right from the terminal.

postcss-trig - Use trigonometry functions in CSS

  •    Javascript

PostCSS Trig lets you use trigonometry functions in CSS. These functions include acos, asin, atan, atan2, cos, hypot, pow, sin, sqrt, and tan.