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ScrollTrigger - Triggers classes on html elements based on the scroll position

  •    Javascript

Triggers classes on html elements based on the scroll position. It makes use of requestAnimationFrame so it doesn't jack the users scroll, that way the user / browser keeps their original scroll behaviour. Animations run when the browser is ready for it. The init call takes 3 parameters, the first is a default set of options. The last two are the bindTo and scrollIn parameters. These are optional.

emittery - Simple and modern async event emitter

  •    Javascript

It's only ~200 bytes minified and gzipped. I'm not fanatic about keeping the size at this level though.Emitting events asynchronously is important for production code where you want the least amount of synchronous operations.


  •    Javascript

onfire.js is a simple events dispatcher library (just 0.9kb). simple and usefull. Binding / subscribe the event_name with callback. when has event named event_name fired, callback function will process.


  •    Silverlight

This C# Silverlight 3 ResizeDragBehavior is a simpel implementation of resizing columns left, right, above or under a workingspace. It allows you to drag a UIElement which expands another UIElement in either heigth or width.

eyeLog - Database Audit Tool for Microsoft SQL Server


Most of the time, you focus on the implementation of the business requirements. There are a lot of follow up tasks that are not directly asked by the business. Monitoring the activity of a system is one of the tasks that is implictly asked. The goal of eyeLog is to monitor the a

sfdc-trigger-framework - A minimal trigger framework for your Salesforce Apex Triggers

  •    Apex

Triggers should (IMO) be logicless. Putting logic into your triggers creates un-testable, difficult-to-maintain code. It's widely accepted that a best-practice is to move trigger logic into a handler class. This trigger framework bundles a single TriggerHandler base class that you can inherit from in all of your trigger handlers. The base class includes context-specific methods that are automatically called when a trigger is executed.

trigger - Abstract React Trigger

  •    TypeScript

After React 16, you won't access popup element's ref in parent component's componentDidMount, which means following code won't work. rc-trigger is released under the MIT license.


  •    JQuery

Plugin for jQuery users who want to trigger event handlers when an element scrolls in/out of view


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that emulates capturing events behavior: trigger them from top to bottom with .reggirt(), the "trigger" method reversed!

go-trigger - A Global event triggerer for golang

  •    Go

Go Trigger is a global event trigger for golang. Define an event with a task specified to that event and Trigger it from anywhere you want.go get the package. Go to the package directory in your $GOPATH/src. Change the tag using git. go install the package.


  •    Javascript

Automatically and unobtrusively saves form data based on a set of criteria.

bindle - A lightweight EventEmitter-like API for JavaScript classes, best suited for games.

  •    Javascript

Bindle is an EventEmitter for JavaScript "classes". It's most suitable as the base of an entity/component system - not to be used directly, but the little ~1-2kB of functionality you need to build upon.Which is fine when you're only dealing with small scenes, but if your instantiating large numbers of emitters in a short time frame you may need to be conservative. Even if you're careful to reuse listener functions, each one still has to store an index of events unique to that emitter.

incubator-openwhisk-package-kafka - Apache OpenWhisk package for communicating with Kafka or Message Hub

  •    Scala

This project is an OpenWhisk package that allows you to communicate with Kafka or IBM Message Hub instances for publishing and consuming messages using native high performance Kafka API.OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service and represents an event-action platform that allows you to execute code in response to an event. These events can come from many different sources, such as Object Storage, direct HTTP, Cloudant database, etc. One of the popular event sources is Message Hub and Kafka, both of which can also be used as an effective instriment to publish events from OpenWhisk to the rest of the world and allow for highly scalable and performant asyncronous communication for event driven applications.

eventify - Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events

  •    Javascript

A 3.19 kB (1.4K gzipped) browser ready version is available on the dist/ folder. Copies the methods on, off and trigger to the destination object, and returns the destination object.

asEvented - Micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object.

  •    Javascript

asEvented is a micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object. It works in the browser and server (node.js). The code follows a functional mixins pattern described by Angus Croll a-fresh-look-at-javascript-mixins.

scorsh - Signed-Commit Remote Shell - authenticated trigger for remote execution via Git

  •    Go

scorsh lets you trigger commands on a remote git server through commits, optionally signed with gnupg. scorsh is written in Go.

travis-ping - manually ping travis-ci to restart the last build

  •    Javascript

Useful if an external dependency (like a plugin/module, server, or service) was down when the test originally ran, or if your testing target changes over time (like a▸ web scraper). When run from the commandline, you are asked for your username and credentials.


  •    Javascript

Ext JS 5 trigger implementation that adds a clear icon to textfields and comboboxes. A click on this icon clears the value of the field.

key-tree-store - Simple tool for storing/retrieving objects events based hierarchical key paths.

  •    Javascript

Simple tool for storing/retrieving objects events based hierarchical keypaths. It lets you store and retrive objects that are at an equal or deeper key path than what you give it.

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