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triangle - Convert images to computer generated art using delaunay triangulation.

  •    Go

Triangle is a tool to create image arts using the delaunay triangulation technique. It takes an image as input and it converts to abstract image composed of tiles of triangles. The library can be installed via Homebrew too or by downloading the binary file from the releases folder.

TriangleLabelView - Show triangle view.

  •    Java

Show triangle view. To see how the TriangleLabelView are added to your xml layouts, check the sample project.


  •    JQuery

A small jQuery plugin that helps you divide an element into four triangles and test co-ordinates on them.

is-triangle - return whether an array of 3 points (in any dimension) describe a triangle

  •    Javascript

Return whether an array of 3 points describe a triangle.Return whether the array of pts is a triangle, in any dimension.

ray-triangle-intersection - intersect a ray and triangle in 3 dimensions

  •    Javascript

Compute the intersection of the triangle tri and a ray described by a point pt and a direction dir.tri should be an array of [x,y,z] coordinate arrays.

meshpy - 2D/3D simplicial mesh generator interface for Python (Triangle, TetGen, gmsh)

  •    C++

MeshPy offers quality triangular and tetrahedral mesh generation for Python. Meshes of this type are chiefly used in finite-element simulation codes, but also have many other applications ranging from computer graphics to robotics. In order to generate 2D and 3D meshes, MeshPy provides Python interfaces to three well-regarded mesh generators, Triangle by J. Shewchuk, TetGen by Hang Si The former two are included in the package in slightly modified versions. A generic mesh reader for the latter is included, as is an easy way to run gmsh from a Python script.

simplicial-complex - Tools for manipulating simplicial complexes in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This CommonJS module implements basic topological operations and indexing for abstract simplicial complexes (ie graphs, triangular and tetrahedral meshes, etc.) in JavaScript. You probably already know of many examples of simplicial complexes. Triangular meshes (as commonly used in computer graphics) are just 2d simplicial complexes; as are Delaunay triangulations. A more restricted example of a simplicial complex is the notion of a hypergraph, which is basically what you get when you forget the ordering of each cell.

TrimeshJS - Tools for working with triangulated models of embedded Riemannian surfaces.

  •    Javascript

... is an ever expanding collection of algorithms for processing triangulated meshes in Javascript. Which will create an object called trimesh in the global namespace that contains the API.

bunny - The Stanford bunny

  •    Javascript

That's pretty much it. The infamous bunny is part of the Stanford 3D scanning repository. For a short history, see Greg Turk's page.

conway-hart - A port of George Hart's implementation/extension of Conway's polyhedral notation to CommonJS

  •    Javascript

If you want to try it out for yourself without installing node.js, here is an interactive WebGL demo. If there is an error parsing the input, an exception is thrown.

3p - Progressive triangle streams

  •    Javascript

Progressive triangle streams are an implementation of Hugues Hoppe's progressive meshes with minor modifications favoring fast decoding over visual fidelity. The format is flexible and different codecs can choose different strategies for splitting vertices. This module documents progressive triangle streams and implements reference codecs for the binary and JSON formats. The intention of this file format is to provide a basic container format for experimenting with different strategies for performing edge collapses on meshes, and to provide a common language for processing progressive mesh data. Like the PLY file format, 3P files can specify arbitrary vertex and face data. 3P is also a lossless encoding, so attributes like vertex positions are not truncated in intermediate representations. 3P can be combined with standard HTTP compression schemes like gzip for further size reductions.

a-big-triangle - Draws a big triangle onto the screen

  •    Javascript

Draws a big triangle that covers the entire viewport. Useful for GPGPU or when applying fullscreen postprocessing effects. If you're wondering why a big triangle and not a big square made from two smaller triangles, there are potentially significant performance advantages in taking the former approach.

AtlasTriangle - Allow to use atlas packed with triangles with such tools as SpriteUV2 or TexturePacker for Haxe language

  •    Haxe

Allow to use atlas packed with triangles with such tools as SpriteUV2 or TexturePacker for Haxe language. For now, there is no renderer included (TODO).

triangulr - JavaScript class to generate maps of triangles

  •    HTML

The engine is quite simple to understand, even if at the start, it looks confusing to build this random triangles. To begin, we use the value given to the constructor to create a regular pattern with proper equilateral triangles. To do that, the script start by generate lines of dots. Then a second pass use these points to generate triangles, and also the color function to generate the color code. Then the last pass use the data to render it in a SVG DOM object.

circumcenter - Computes the circumcenter of a simplex

  •    Javascript

Computes the circumcenter of a simplex. That is, it is the center of an n-sphere passing through n+1 points.

point-in-triangle - returns true if a 2D point is inside a triangle

  •    Javascript

Test whether a point is inside a triangle, using barycentric coordinates and this algorithm from BlackPawn. Returns true if the point [x, y] is inside the triangle [ [x1,y1], [x2,y2], [x3,y3] ], false otherwise.

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