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tracco - An effort tracker for Trello: you track estimates and efforts on your Trello cards using a simple conventional format, and Tracco takes care of extracting and storing these tracking data, while giving you several useful key metrics (e

  •    Ruby

Tracco is an effort tracker for Trello: the purpose of Tracco is to extract and track estimates and actual efforts out of the cards on your Trello boards. All you have to do is add estimates and efforts as comments added on your Trello cards, using a simple conventional format. Tracco will extract, store and aggregate these estimates and efforts to let you mine useful key metrics (e.g. estimate errors, remaining efforts, pair programming frequencies, and so on). Trello is a very good surrogate for a physical team board: it's simple and effective, and it can really help when you have a distributed team. That said, Trello (still) doesn't offer a way to track time estimated and actually spent on cards, though many people are asking for that feature on Trello's development board.

react-kanban - Beautiful Kanban implementation built on react-motion

  •    Javascript

This is an example of a react-motion POC Kanban implementation I wrote for an internal project. The code is relatively easy to look at, and the <List /> component can just take more/less arrays as properties.

lokum - Manage a website’s content using Trello

  •    Javascript

Manage your website’s content using a Trello board. Watch it in action here. You can preview your boards here: https://lokum.icing.space — just paste the URL of your public Trello board.

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