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go-algorithms - Algorithms and data structures for golang

  •    Go

go-algorithms - implementation of different algorithms and data structures with golang. Clone https://github.com/0xAX/go-algorithms.git repo, it must be in your $GOPATH.

closure_tree - Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord models support hierarchies

  •    Ruby

Common applications include modeling hierarchical data, like tags, threaded comments, page graphs in CMSes, and tracking user referrals. See Bill Karwin's excellent Models for hierarchical data presentation for a description of different tree storage algorithms.

laravel-nestedset - Effective tree structures in Laravel 4-5

  •    PHP

This is a Laravel 4-5 package for working with trees in relational databases. The nested set model is to number the nodes according to a tree traversal, which visits each node twice, assigning numbers in the order of visiting, and at both visits. This leaves two numbers for each node, which are stored as two attributes. Querying becomes inexpensive: hierarchy membership can be tested by comparing these numbers. Updating requires renumbering and is therefore expensive.

GraphView - Android GraphView is used to display data in graph structures.

  •    Java

Android GraphView is used to display data in graph structures. The library is designed to support different algorithms. Currently, only the algorithms from Walker (with the runtime improvements from Buchheim) and Fruchterman&Reingold (for small graphs) have been implemented.

django-treebeard - Efficient tree implementations for Django

  •    Python

django-treebeard is a library that implements efficient tree implementations for the Django Web Framework 1.8 and later. It is written by Gustavo Picón and licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

bosket - Collection of tree view components for front-end frameworks. :deciduous_tree:

  •    Javascript

Bosket is a library of tree views implementations for front-end reactive frameworks. Tree views, which are basically an elegant way to display nested lists, are very versatile and can for example be used as file explorers, menus, table of contents or category lists.

tree - An implementation of the tree command written in Go, that can be used programmatically.

  •    Go

An implementation of the tree command written in Go, that can be used programmatically.You can take a look on cmd/tree, and s3tree or see the example below.

react-treefold - A renderless tree component for your hierarchical React views

  •    Javascript

A renderless tree React component for your hierarchical views. You need to show hierarchical data in different ways. You know how you want to show the information for each individual data item. But you don't want to repeat over and over again the logic about how to traverse the data, how to assemble it all to make it look like a tree, how to expand/collapse nodes, etc.

django-cte-forest - django-cte-forest implements efficient adjacency list trees using Django and PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE)

  •    Python

django-cte-forest implements efficient adjacency list trees using Django and PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE). Note! This is a friendly fork of django-cte-trees by Alexis Petrounias which introduces support for Python 3 and recent Django versions.

ecola - Tree editor for touch screens

  •    Javascript

This is an experiment in creating tree structures with a touch screen. It's named after Ecola State Park on the Oregon coast.

tiramisu - touch screen tree editor

  •    Javascript

A touch screen tree editor. The root is displayed at the bottom, its children are placed horizontally directly above it. Inspired by a diagram on a recipe by Michael Chu by way of Li Haoyi's article What's Functional Programming All About?.

sirix - Sirix facilitates effective and efficient storing and querying of your temporal data through snapshotting and a novel versioning approach called sliding snapshot

  •    Java

Sirix is a temporal storage system effectively and efficiently storing snapshots of time varying (currently semi-structured) data taking full advantage of flash based drives as for instance SSDs. We not only provide several ways of navigating the tree-structure of a single revision, we also support navigation in time. Furthermore we provide a novel storage technique called sliding snapshot to circumvent intermitant full dump snapshots to fast track their in-memory reconstruction and thus we avoiding write peaks and having to read long chains of page fragments/increments/deltas. Sirix uses copy-on-write (COW) as well as an append-only storage making it an ideal candidate for flash based drives while not dropping support for erstwhile disks.

skov - A visual programming environment.

  •    Factor

Skov is a visual programming environment based on Factor. A functional program can be thought of as a tree (actually a graph) in which functions are connected together on several levels. Commonly used programming languages have to make more or less compromises to represent this tree as a one-dimensional stream of text. Skov uses a visual, two-dimensional representation to display the tree direcly. This makes the program easier to read and to reason about and reduces the risk of making mistakes. Skov lets you see a functional program as it really is.

indextree - Arena based tree 🌲 structure by using indices instead of reference counted pointers

  •    Rust

This arena tree structure is using just a single Vec and numerical identifiers (indices in the vector) instead of reference counted pointers. This means there is no RefCell and mutability is handled in a way much more idiomatic to Rust through unique (&mut) access to the arena. The tree can be sent or shared across threads like a Vec. This enables general multiprocessing support like parallel tree traversals.

data-structure-php - 对于数据结构和算法类的东西,我工作有些年份了,大学也有所涉猎,积累了一些内容,这段时间就以一天1-2篇的速度更新,高产似母猪



tty-tree - Print directory or structured data in a tree like format

  •    Ruby

Print directory or structured data in a tree like format. TTY::Prompt provides independent directory or hash data rendering component for TTY toolkit.

kdtree - Absolute balanced kdtree for fast kNN search.

  •    C

This is a (nearly absolute) balanced kdtree for fast kNN search with bad performance for dynamic addition and removal. In fact we adopt quick sort to rebuild the whole tree after changes of the nodes. We cache the added or the deleted nodes which will not be actually mapped into the tree until the rebuild method to be invoked. The good thing is we can always keep the tree balanced, and the bad thing is we have to wait some time for the finish of tree rebuild. Moreover duplicated samples are allowed to be added with the tree still kept balanced. The thought of the implementation is posted here.

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