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gods - GoDS (Go Data Structures)

Implementation of various data structures and algorithms in Go.Containers are either ordered or unordered. All ordered containers provide stateful iterators and some of them allow enumerable functions.

C# .NET Generic Data structures Library

C# .NET Generic Data structures Library like Binary Tree, B-Tree, Red-Black tree implementation. Suggestions/Contributions welcome on what more can be provided in this project.

Config Tree for Umbraco

Config Tree for Umbraco, adds a new app-tree in the developer section, allowing the user to edit the config files directly.


EaseSettings is a library designed to allow easy usage of settings with a highly structured in treenode-form.

XNA Procedural LTrees

Creates natural-looking tree models for XNA in real-time. LTrees makes it easier for XNA game developers to create beautiful nature scenes.

Javascript Tree Graph

Simple javascript control that draws a complete HTML4 tree graph. Allows Vertical or Horizontal layout. It doesn't has any dependency to libraries or images. Allows add or remove nodes, and expand or collapse them.


Currently only a stub for the jQuery plugin that is hosted at https://code.google.com/p/dynatree/.