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travis-buddy - :rocket: TravisBuddy is an awesome bot that will make life much easier for your contributors

  •    Javascript

TravisBuddy is a cloud service that creates comments in failed pull requests and tell the author what went wrong and what they can do to fix it. TravisBuddy is already being trusted by few repositories on GitHub. It automatically stars every project using it, so you can easily see who's using it.

build-status - Emacs minor mode that monitors and shows a buffer's build status in the mode line.

  •    Emacs

Emacs minor mode that shows a buffer's build status in the mode line. M-x build-status-mode in a buffer that's part of a CI project.

yaspeller-ci - Fast spelling check for Travis CI

  •    Javascript

Fast spelling check for Travis CI and AppVeyor. It is just simple wrap for yaspeller, CLI for Yandex.Speller API. But it run spelling check only in first CI job, to speed up build time and reduce unnecessary burden for CI service and Yandex.Speller API.

node-travis-ci - node library to access the Travis-CI API

  •    Javascript

Due to the expanding travis api, there were an increasing number of cases where a function could conceivably map to several http endpoints. To eliminate that complexity, and to ensure that the entire api could be exposed, the api has been rewritten to be a much more transparent layer on top of the http interface. Url path segments that are exposed as objects, unless they are followed by url parameters, in which case they are exposed as functions that consume those arguments. The function that makes the api call is now just http verbs (get/post/etc). Many functions, such as travis.accounts, require authenticating as a user. Currently the only way to authenticate is to start with a github oauth token, request a travis access token, and authenticate with that.

FE-CI - Front End Testing and Continuous Integration

  •    CoffeeScript

This repo demonstrates how to start a new project using best Test Driven Development techniques plus a CI workflow with code coverage support. The technologies, services and libraries used in this repo is CoffeeScript, Grunt, Jasmine, Karma, IstanbulJS, Coveralls and Travis. The blog post currently in Turkish but I am planning to post another one in English soon.

Exquisite - Screenshot testing utility

  •    Javascript

Easy Screenshot testing. Screenshot testing is a kind of end-to-end testing where all the parts of your application are being tested. Exquisite takes a screenshot of your webpage and compares it pixel by pixel against a reference image in a short amount of time.

repoman-travis - Travis.yml to run repoman in your overlay.

  •    Shell

.travis.yml to run repoman continuously for your overlay. Repoman is a tool to enforce a minimal level of quality assurance in packages added to Gentoo's main repository and overlays.

smalltalkCI - Framework for testing Smalltalk projects on Linux, macOS, and Windows and on Travis CI, AppVeyor, and GitLab CI/CD

  •    Smalltalk

Community-supported framework for testing Smalltalk projects on Linux, OS X, and Windows with built-in support for Travis CI, AppVeyor, and GitLab CI/CD. It is inspired by builderCI and aims to provide a uniform and easy way to load and test Smalltalk projects.

ci-matters - Integration (comparison) of different continuous integration services on Android project

  •    Groovy

Integration (comparison) of different continuous integration services on Android project. This table should help people make a decision which CI to choose for the project.

cibuildwheel - 🎡 Build Python wheels on CI with minimal configuration.

  •    Python

Python wheels are great. Building them across Mac, Linux, Windows, on multiple versions of Python, is not. cibuildwheel is here to help. cibuildwheel runs on your CI server - currently it supports Travis CI and Appveyor - and it builds and tests your wheels across all of your platforms.

audit-ci - Audit NPM and Yarn dependencies in continuous integration environments, preventing integration if vulnerabilities are found above a configurable level

  •    Javascript

This module is intended to be consumed by your favourite continuous integration tool to halt execution if npm audit or yarn audit finds vulnerabilities at or above the specified threshold. An alternative to installing as a devDependency is to install globally within the CI environment at run-time.

firebase-ci - Simplified Firebase interaction for continuous integration

  •    Javascript

Advanced configuration of Firebase deployment is often necessary when deploying through continuous integration environment. Instead of having to write and invoke your own scripts, firebase-ci provides an easy way to create/modify advanced configurations.

vsc-ember-cli - :zap: Turn Visual Studio Code into an Ember Cli IDE

  •    TypeScript

In Visual Studio Code, run ext install vsc-ember-cli - or, simply hit CMD/CTRL + Shift + P, search for "Install Extension", and then search for "ember cli". If your Ember app is within a subfolder of your workspace, you have to create an ember.json file in the .vscode folder of your workspace. If the .vscode folder doesn't exist yet, you also have to create it. After that you have to add a config that specifies the folder in which the Ember app resides.

vsc-travis-ci-status - :shipit: Check the status of your Travis CI project from Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Check the Travis CI build status of your project right in Visual Studio Code! This extension displays a small status indicator in the status bar. It comes with two commands: Update Status and Open in Travis. It is enabled automatically if a .travis.yml is present in your project.

docker-coala-base - coala base docker image

  •    Shell

This image has coala and all official bears and dependencies installed so it can be used for any code analysis supported by coala. Instructions on how to use this image with Continuous Integration systems like GitLab CI and Travis CI are available in the user manual.

idea-cli-inspector - A little command-line tool to integrate the awesome IntelliJ IDEA code inspections in your continuous integration (CI) process using Jenkins, Bamboo, et

  •    Groovy

A little command-line tool to integrate the awesome IntelliJ IDEA code inspections in your continuous integration (CI) process using Jenkins, Bamboo, et. al. IntelliJ IDEA offers a vast amount of very high-quality, built-in code inspections. Currently it has more than 1073 inspections to offer. Using project-shared inspection profiles it’s possible to guide developers in a wide range of coding aspects in a non-annoying way.

whirlwind-old - Reduce your test suite time from hours to minutes on TravisCI, CircleCI, CodeShip and even locally

  •    Javascript

Reduce your test suite time from hours to minutes on TravisCI, CircleCI, CodeShip and even locally. Whirlwind takes set of tasks that you wish to distribute, such as slow end-to-end tests, and runs them across compute nodes (parallelism), as well as within compute nodes (concurrency).