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valhalla - Open Source Routing Engine for OpenStreetMap

  •    C++

Valhalla is an open source routing engine and accompanying libraries for use with OpenStreetMap data. Valhalla also includes tools like time+distance matrix computation, isochrones, elevation sampling, map matching and tour optimization (Travelling Salesman). Technical documentation for the various components of the library can be found here: docs. Service API documentation as well as links to a variety of technical descriptions are provided within the valhalla-docs repository.

osrm-backend - Open Source Routing Machine - C++ backend

  •    C++

High performance routing engine written in C++14 designed to run on OpenStreetMap data. To quickly try OSRM use our demo server which comes with both the backend and a frontend on top.

jsprit - Toolkit for solving rich vehicle routing problems

  •    Java

jsprit is a java based, open source toolkit for solving rich traveling salesman (TSP) and vehicle routing problems (VRP). It is lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use. jsprit can solve problems with pickups and deliveries, back hauls, heterogeneous fleets, finite and infinite fleets, multiple depots, time windows, open routes, different start and end locations, multiple capacity dimensions, initial loads etc.

tsp - Solutions to the Traveling Salesman Problem

  •    Python

Two implementations of solutions to the Traveling Salesman Problem in Python 3. The first solution brute forces all permutations and is guaranteed to find the optimal solution for visiting all points.

Genetic-Algorithm-for-the-Traveling-Salesman-Problem - A population based stochastic algorithm for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem

  •    Java

A population based stochastic algorithm for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem. This program is also capable of producing a 2D heat map for determining the optimal parameters but I have not included an image of this.