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godzilla - Godzilla is a ES2015 to Go source code transpiler and runtime

Godzilla is a ES2015 to Go source code transpiler and runtime that is intended to be a near drop-in replacement for Node.js. It compiles ES2015 source code to Go source code which is then compiled to native code. The compiled Go source code is a series of calls to the Godzilla runtime, a Go library serving a similar purpose to Node.js.Godzilla parses ES2015 source code with the awesome babylon. That means at the moment Node.js is required for compilation. As Godzilla becomes mature, babylon will be compiled to Go source code using Godzilla itself so that the Node.js dependency can be dropped.

flexx - Write desktop and web apps in pure Python

Flexx is a pure Python toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI's), that uses web technology for its rendering. Apps are written purely in Python; Flexx' transpiler generates the necessary JavaScript on the fly.You can use Flexx to create (cross platform) desktop applications, web applications, and (if designed well) export an app to a standalone HTML document. It also works in the Jupyter notebook.

babel-loader - 📦 Webpack plugin for Babel

This package allows transpiling JavaScript files using Babel and webpack.Notes: Issues with the output should be reported on the babel issue tracker.

gulp-babel - Gulp plugin for Babel

Issues with the output should be reported on the Babel issue tracker.See the Babel options, except for sourceMap and filename which is handled for you.

postcss - Transforming styles with JS plugins

PostCSS is a tool for transforming styles with JS plugins. These plugins can lint your CSS, support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more.PostCSS is used by industry leaders including Wikipedia, Twitter, Alibaba, and JetBrains. The Autoprefixer PostCSS plugin is one of the most popular CSS processors.

cssx - CSS in JavaScript

Generate and/or apply CSS with JavaScript. Try it out here.

moonscript - :crescent_moon: A language that compiles to Lua

MoonScript is a programmer friendly language that compiles into Lua. It gives you the power of the fastest scripting language combined with a rich set of features. It runs on Lua 5.1 and above, including alternative runtimes like LuaJIT. See http://moonscript.org.

Haxe - The Cross-Platform Toolkit

Haxe is an open source toolkit that allows you to easily build cross-platform tools and applications that target many mainstream platforms.

babel-standalone - :video_game: Standalone build of Babel for use in non-Node

babel-standalone is a standalone build of Babel for use in non-Node.js environments, including browsers. It's bundled with all the standard Babel plugins and presets, and a build of babili (babel-minify) is optionally available too.Note that .babelrc doesn't work in babel-standalone, as no file system access is available. The presets and/or plugins to use must be specified in the options passed to Babel.transform.

pseudo - transpile a subset of Python to idiomatic JS, Go, C#, Ruby :alien:

Pseudo takes an algorithm / a simple program and generates idiomatic code for it in Python, JavaScript, C#, Go and Ruby.

Jsweet - A transpiler from Java to TypeScript/JavaScript

JSweet leverages TypeScript to write rich and responsive Web applications in Java through the use of JavaScript libraries and frameworks. With JSweet, Java programs are transpiled (source-to-source compiled) to TypeScript and JavaScript for being run in browsers, mobile Web views, or in Node.js.

grunt-babel - Grunt plugin for Babel

Issues with the output should be reported on the Babel issue tracker.See the Babel options, except for filename which is handled for you.

uniter - 🎉 PHP in the browser and Node.js => Docs: https://uniter.github.io/

Run PHP client-side in the browser or in Node.js. uniter is the main Uniter library (this repository). It pulls in all the required components (below) to take a string of PHP code, evaluate it and return the result with a simple API.

polyjuice - A utility to convert JSHint and JSCS files into ESLint files and vice-versa

Polyjuice is a utility that converts JSHint and JSCS files into ESLint files and the other way around. When using polyjuice.from.eslint an object with keys jscs and jshint is returned.

c2go - :mountain_cableway: The original c2go program

C2Go is based on the c-to-c.py example from pycparser by Eli Bendersky, and uses pycparser extensively.The C examples are from: http://www.cis.temple.edu/~ingargio/cis71/code/.