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speakingurl - Generate a slug – transliteration with a lot of options

  •    Javascript

Generate a slug with a lot of options; create a so-called Semantic URL or 'Clean URL' or 'Pretty URL' or 'nice-looking URL' or 'Speaking URL' or 'user-friendly URL' or 'SEO-friendly URL' from a string. This module aims to transliterate the input string.

urlify - PHP port of URLify

  •    PHP

A PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project. Handles symbols from Latin languages as well as Arabic, Azerbaijani, Czech, German, Greek, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Symbols it cannot transliterate it will simply omit. Please note that the "ü" is transliterated to "ue" in the first case, whereas it results in a simple "u" in the latter.

slug-generator - Slug Generator Library for PHP, based on Unicode’s CLDR data

  •    PHP

This library provides methods to generate slugs for URLs, filenames or any other target that has a limited character set. It’s based on PHPs Transliterator class which uses the data of the CLDR to transform characters between different scripts (e.g. Cyrillic to Latin) or types (e.g. upper- to lower-case or from special characters to ASCII). To install the library use Composer or download the source files from GitHub.

limax - Node

  •    Javascript

(Yet another) Node.js module to generate URL slugs, also known as clean URLs, user-friendly URLs and SEO-friendly URLs.This module extends the fantastic speakingurl module to include Romanisation of Chinese and Japanese scripts.

acrophonic-alphabets - A collection of 92 Alpha-Bravo-Charlie-style alphabets from around the world.

  •    Javascript

A collection of 92 Alpha-Bravo-Charlie-style alphabets from around the world. Acrophony is the naming of letters of an alphabetic writing system so that a letter's name begins with the letter itself. For example, Greek letter names are acrophonic: the names of the letters α, β, γ, δ, are spelled with the respective letters: αλφα (alpha), βήτα (beta), γάμμα (gamma), δέλτα (delta).

stringex - A string extensions library for node.js

  •    Javascript

This is more or less intended to be a complete port of rsl/stringex (Ruby/Rails stringex lib). So far this package is more or less feature complete, but there are probably a lot of improvements that can be made. I'll try my best to seek out my failures, but please report issues to me via github so I can tackle them as quickly as possible. Thanks.

UnidecodeR - Replace Unicode characters with sensible US-ASCII equivalents

  •    R

While Unicode characters are undeniably important, there can be occasions where you need text only in US-ASCII format. This is where the R package UnidecodeR can help. If you provide text to UnidecodeR along with the input language, it will replace accented letters, ligatures, and other Unicode characters with US-ASCII equivalents. Install UnidecodeR from GitHub using the devtools package.

zame-haxe-stringutils - Cross platform string utils (including utf8 uppercase / lowercase for neko and cpp)

  •    Haxe

Haxe have excellent haxe.Utf8 class, which allows us to work with utf-8 in a cross-platform way. Utf8Ext will take care about this on neko, cpp and php, with fallback to native implementation for other platforms.

neural_japanese_transliterator - Can neural networks transliterate Romaji into Japanese correctly?

  •    Python

In this project, I examine how well neural networks can convert Roman letters into the Japanese script, i.e., Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji. The accuracy evaluation results for 896 Japanese test sentences outperform the SwiftKey™ keyboard, a well-known smartphone multilingual keyboard, by a small margin. It seems that neural networks can learn this task easily and quickly. I frame the problem as a seq2seq task.

quranize - Alquran in Go Representation

  •    Go

Quranize provides Alquran in Go representation. Original source of Alquran is taken from http://tanzil.net in XML format. Quranize can transform alphabet into arabic using fast and efficient algorithm: suffix-tree for indexing and dynamic programming for parsing.

lipika-ime - Input Method Engine (IME) for Mac OS X with built-in support for all Indic Languages

  •    Objective-C

LipikaIME a user-configurable, phonetic, Input Method Engine for Mac OS X with built-in support for the Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu scripts, as well as the ISO-15919 romanisation scheme. It can also output IPA for Sanskrit and Tamil. It includes support for ITRANS, Baraha, Harvard Kyoto, Barahavat and Ksharanam transliteration schemes. Lipika IME is a multi-codepoint, user configurable, phonetic, input method engine. Originally, designed to type Sanskrit using Devanagari on a Mac. It can be configured to work with any other Indic script of similar structure.

cyrconv - Счгсопѵ іѕ а fцппч Ғацх Счгіllіс снагастёг маррёг

  •    Lex

Счгсопѵ іѕ а fцппч Ғацх Счгіllіс снагастёг маррёг. Вч dёfацlт іт марѕ lатіп снагастёгѕ оf а gіѵёп іпрцт тёхт іпто Счгіllіс (Lоок-Дlікё) соцптёграгтѕ, шніlё гётаіпіпg тнё гёаdавіlітч оf тнё тёхт. Цѕіпg .flёх fіlёѕ Счгсопѵ.flёх сап мар апч ѕёт оf снагастёгѕ іпто а dёѕігёd оцтрцт снагастёг ѕёт. Тнё ргоgгам аllошѕ чоц то рірё а ѕтгіпg ог то раѕѕ іт аѕ а ѕіпglё ог мцlтірlё агgцмёптѕ. Іf чоц шапт то цѕё тнё flёх ортіоп чоц наѵё то раѕѕ тнём ат fігѕт агgцмёпт. Тнёгё агё сцггёптlч ѕіх шачѕ то цѕё тнё ргоgгам, аѕ ѕношп іп тнё ёхамрlёѕ.

translit - Go package for Russian text transliteration

  •    Go

translit is a Go package for Russian text transliteration.