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validator - :100:Go Struct and Field validation, including Cross Field, Cross Struct, Map, Slice and Array diving

  •    Go

Package validator implements value validations for structs and individual fields based on tags.Use go get.

LocalizationKit_iOS - Realtime Dynamic localization translation delivery system for iOS and Mac OSX in Swift

  •    Swift

Localization kit is a powerful to localize texts and translation management tool. I am a developer and invariably I get the questions 'Can you just change this text?' or 'Can you add another language?' I have designed this framework so you can manage these translations and texts without having to recompile, resubmit and without the need to use developers. Essentially take out all of the pain. Localization Kit quickly and easily integrates into your app using Cocoapods. Then it connects to services from LocalizationKit.com which are free to use and manage. Then as you create items in your iOS app the text keys become available instantly in the online web UI. From there you can change the text and it is reflected within app in realtime (as you type any key).

go-i18n - Translate your Go program into multiple languages with templates and CLDR plural support.

  •    Go

go-i18n is a Go package and a command that helps you translate Go programs into multiple languages.The i18n package provides runtime APIs for fetching translated strings.

BartyCrouch - Localization/I18n: Incrementally update your Strings files from

  •    Swift

BartyCrouch incrementally updates your Strings files from your Code and from Interface Builder files. "Incrementally" means that BartyCrouch will by default keep both your already translated values and even your altered comments. Additionally you can also use BartyCrouch for machine translating from one language to 40+ other languages. Using BartyCrouch is as easy as running a few simple commands from the command line what can even be automated using a build script within your project. Bartycrouch now is part of Homebrew Core! No tap needed any more.

Pootle - Community localization server

  •    Python

Pootle is a user-friendly web portal that makes the translation process so much simpler. It allows online translation, work assignment, gives statistics and allows easy volunteer contribution. It provides Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool, Translate Toolkit: QA, format conversion and support for PO, Java .properties, OpenOffice, Mozilla, XLIFF, TMX, TBX, CSV, Qt .ts.

gotext - Go (Golang) GNU gettext utilities package

  •    Go

GNU gettext utilities for Go.Stable releases use semantic versioning tagging on this repository.

XML-Comp - Compare ANY markup documents.

  •    Go

This package is a command line tool that provides the capability of comparing two directories adding to files the differences between them, creating the possible files or folders that are missing and adding the missing tags on each file. It was made to help RimWorld's community translators(1) to know what was modified on the last XML updates and to let them keep in track of what they need to add/remove from what has been done.OBS: This is not required, by default It's comparing all .xml files that are encountered.

textsbox - Simple and easy lib. to manage translations and texts, with cache, in Go project.

  •    Go

Simple and easy lib. to manage translations and texts, with cache, in Go project.

WikiTranslate - 📖 Use Wikipedia as a dictionary

  •    Swift

Have you ever had troubles looking up the translation of a term with several ambiguities? I know I have. One of the best ways to overcome this (at least in my opinion) is to use the Wikipedia as your dictionary. You look up your term and use the linked articles in other languages as a base for translation. That's what this tool does for you. Enter your term, choose the correct article and look at the translations. Easy as pie.

yomichan-import - External dictionary importer for Yomichan.

  •    Go

Yomichan Import is being expanded to support other EPWING dictionaries based on user demand. This is a mostly non-technical (although laborious) process that requires writing regular expressions and creating font tables; volunteer contributions are welcome. Builds of Yomichan Import are currently available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. The necessary version of Zero-EPWING is included for processing EPWING dictionaries.

translator - Go client for Microsoft Text Translation API and Google Cloud Translation API

  •    Go

Go package for easy access to Microsoft Text Translation API and Google Translate API. Register for Microsoft Text Translation API (see instructions). Use the obtained subscription key to instantiate a translator as shown below.

Localize - 🏁 Hassle-free Localization for iOS

  •    Swift

Localize is a tiny run script that keeps your Localizable.strings files clean and emits warnings when something is suspicious. Because Localization files tend to rot over time and become a hassle to work with. Stressful when you have to test your app against many different Localizations.

SwiftGoogleTranslate - A framework to use Cloud Translation API by Google

  •    Swift

The framework supports 3 endpoinds: translate, detect, languages. You can find more information in the official source. How to use from the framework.