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anime - JavaScript Animation Engine

  •    Javascript

Anime (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a lightweight JavaScript animation library. It works with any CSS Properties, individual CSS transforms, SVG or any DOM attributes, and JavaScript Objects. The targets property defines the elements or JS Objects to animate.


  •    Javascript

It's a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind prezi.com. Note: For a minimal checkout, omit the --recursive option. This will leave out extra plugins.

babel-plugin-static-fs - statically transforms Node fs for the browser

  •    Javascript

A babel plugin to statically inline Node fs calls. This is useful for building "universal" JavaScript (code that targets the browser and server) and bundler-agnostic modules.It also can be used as a replacement for brfs in some cases – adding source maps, cleaner output code, ES2015 import support, and more robust handling of unusual syntax.

ember-ast-helpers - Utility belt to level-up your Ember AST transforms

  •    TypeScript

This library is a utility belt to make AST transforms and shield users as much as possible from the nuances of the AST, as it is still private API. This class is the main interface users should use. It gives you a nice declarative way of defining complex transforms from curly components to HTMLElements that resembles Ember.Component in its API.

landscaper - Apply code mods to projects, awesomely

  •    Javascript

Landscaper is a command-line tool for making sweeping changes to any number of projects using code mods. Landscaper can run code mods in a series back to back, no problem.

postcss-transform-shortcut - Use shorthand transform properties in CSS

  •    Javascript

Transform Shortcut lets you use shorthand transform properties in CSS, following the CSS Transform Module Level 2 Specification. The translate, rotate, and scale properties allow authors to specify simple transforms independently, in a way that maps to typical user interface usage, rather than having to remember the order in transform that keeps the actions of transform(), rotate() and scale() independent and acting in screen coordinates.

dot - distributed data sync with operational transformation/transforms

  •    Go

The DOT project is a blend of operational transformation, CmRDT, persistent/immutable datastructures and reactive stream processing. This is an implementation of distributed data synchronization of rich custom data structures with conflict-free merging.

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