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primus - :zap: Primus, the creator god of the transformers & an abstraction layer for real-time to prevent module lock-in

  •    Javascript

Primus, the creator god of transformers but now also known as universal wrapper for real-time frameworks. There are a lot of real-time frameworks available for Node.js and they all have different opinions on how real-time should be done. Primus provides a common low level interface to communicate in real-time using various real-time frameworks.If you deploy your application behind a reverse proxy (Nginx, HAProxy, etc.) you might need to add WebSocket specific settings to its configuration files. If you intend to use WebSockets, please ensure that these settings have been added. There are some example configuration files available in the observing/balancerbattle repository.

happypack - Happiness in the form of faster webpack build times.

  •    Javascript

HappyPack makes initial webpack builds faster by transforming files in parallel. HappyPack provides both a plugin and a loader in order to do its job so you must use both to enable it.

ViewpagerTransition - viewpager with parallax pages, together with vertical sliding (or click) and activity transition

  •    Java

Sliding pages to the left or right, as we know, could be implemented by using ViewPager. And fortunately, ViewPager's PagerTransformer is allowed for customization. That's to say, CustPagerTransformer could get rid of all the parallax effects. Then, in viewpager's fragment item, vertical slide is an independent module, which could be realized by using ViewDragHelper. In the activity transition part, android OS (above 5.0) makes it easy to transfer to another activity.

jstransform - A simple utility for pluggable JS syntax transforms using the esprima parser.

  •    Javascript

A simple utility for pluggable JS syntax transforms using the esprima parser. Note: If you're looking for a library for writing new greenfield JS transformations, consider looking at Babel or Recast instead of jstransform. We are still supporting jstransform (and intend to for a little while), but longer term we would like to direct efforts toward other open source projects that do a far better job of supporting a multi-pass JS transformation pipeline. This is important when attempting to apply many transformations to a source file. jstransform does a single pass resulting in performance benefits, but the tradeoff is that many transformations are much harder to write.

pytorch-openai-transformer-lm - A PyTorch implementation of OpenAI's finetuned transformer language model with a script to import the weights pre-trained by OpenAI

  •    Python

This is a PyTorch implementation of the TensorFlow code provided with OpenAI's paper "Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training" by Alec Radford, Karthik Narasimhan, Tim Salimans and Ilya Sutskever. This implementation comprises a script to load in the PyTorch model the weights pre-trained by the authors with the TensorFlow implementation.

android-viewpager-transformers - A collection of view pager transformers

  •    Java

A collection of view pager transformers. This repos is fork from daimajia but i uploaded it to maven central and added some more javadoc.

laravel-responder - A Laravel Fractal package for building API responses, giving you the power of Fractal with Laravel's elegancy

  •    PHP

Laravel Responder is a package for building API responses, integrating Fractal into Laravel and Lumen. It can transform your data using transformers, create and serialize success- and error responses, handle exceptions and assist you with testing your responses. 3.0 has been released with many bug fixes, tons of new features and some breaking changes. Make sure to check out the changelog to get an overview of everything fresh. The Creating Transformers and Transforming Data sections of the documentation has also been rewritten for clarity and to account for the new changes.

laravel5-jsonapi - Laravel 5 JSON API Transformer Package

  •    PHP

For the sake of having a real life example, this configuration will guide you on how to set up 7 end-points for two resources, Employees and Orders. Both Employees and Orders resources will be Eloquent models, being related one with the other.

Transformer - Easy Attributed String Creator

  •    Javascript

The main idea of this project is to have an online tool to be able to visually add formatting to a text and get back a swift and/or objective-c code to reproduce that formating.

fast-xml-parser - Validate XML, Parse XML to JS/JSON and vise versa, or parse XML to Nimn rapidly without C/C++ based libraries and no callback

  •    Javascript

This project welcomes contributors. If you have a feature you'd like to see implemented or a bug you'd liked fixed, the best and fastest way to make that happen is to implement it and submit a PR. Basic knowledge of JS is sufficient. Feel free to ask for any guidance. To use it from CLI Install it globally with -g option.

transformers - A package for normalizing property names and types from an external data store.

  •    PHP

Aol/Transformers provides a way to quickly handle two-way data transformations. This is useful for normalizing data from external or legacy systems in your application code or even for cleaning up and limiting responses from your external HTTP API.But why not just fix the data at the source? If you can, do it! Often though, that's not an option, and that's when you need to "fix" the data at the application layer.


  •    Javascript

This project has been somehow inspired by absurd.js but it is not exactly the same. You can check restyle specifications or go directly to a face 2 face against absurd but the long story short is that no JavaScript library out there fits in about 1KB and feels as natural as restyle does in typing CSS.

curlyfy - Add curly brackets to a whitespace indented string.

  •    Javascript

If this regular expression is found at the end of a block opening line, curly brackets are not added to that block.

svg-pathdata - Parse SVG PathDatas

  •    Javascript

Manipulate SVG path data (path[d] attribute content) simply and efficiently. or add the bundle to a script in your HTML.

transformer - Transform raw input data into consistent data transfer objects.

  •    PHP

Transform raw input data into consistent, immutable data transfer objects. Run the following to add Transfromer to your project's composer.json. See Packagist for specific versions.

laravel-scene - Laravel Transformer

  •    PHP

Laravel library to convert your models into API responses. By default you can use the default implementation which converts your models to json based on toArray(). This approach starts to get messy once you start having different responses for your models for different endpoints (Eg: based on user permissions, endpoint types, etc).

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