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phplist3 - Fully functional Open Source email marketing manager for creating, sending, integrating, and analysing email campaigns and newsletters

  •    PHP

phpList includes analytics, segmentation, content personalisation, bounce processing, plugin-based architecture, and multiple APIs. Used in 95 countries, available in 20 languages, and used to send more than 25 billion campaign messages in 2015. Deploy it on your own server, or get a hosted account at http://phplist.com.

mailjet-apiv3-dotnet - [API v3] Official Mailjet API v3 .NET wrapper

  •    CSharp

This .NET library is a client for version 3 of the Mailjet API. Make sure you have a Mailjet API Key and Secret Key. Both API key and API secret can be found here after opening a Mailjet account. Alternatively for V4 namespace you will need a Bearer token. To generate a new token, please go Mailjet's SMS Dashboard and click on 'Generate a token'. Any additional information can be found here.