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eloquent-sortable - Sortable behaviour for Eloquent models

  •    PHP

This package provides a trait that adds sortable behaviour to an Eloquent model. The value of the order column of a new record of a model is determined by the maximum value of the order column of all records of that model + 1.

laravel-ban - Laravel Ban simplify blocking and banning Eloquent models.

  •    PHP

Use case is not limited to User model, any Eloquent model could be banned: Organizations, Teams, Groups and others. The package will automatically register itself. This step required for Laravel 5.4 or earlier releases only.

mixto - A mixin superclass

  •    CoffeeScript

A mixin superclass. Its subclasses have `.extend` and `.includeInto` methods to mix behavior into other objects and classes.

es-class - ECMAScript 3 to 6 compatible Class definition

  •    Javascript

which is a natural evolution of this project. It provides bare minimal functionality to deal with native classes without haveing ever any transpiler on its way. Feel free to test all features related to this project, and please come back if your browser is not green.

witchcraft - Opionated PHP magic methods as traits for PHP 5.4+

  •    PHP

Opionated PHP magic methods as traits. You can install latest version using composer.

Mixin - Mixin is a trait/mixin framework for Java using ASM

  •    Java

Mixin is a trait/mixin framework for Java using ASM and hooking into the runtime class-loading process via Mojang's LegacyLauncher system. The main documentation for Mixin can be found in the Wiki.

Rememberable - Laravel Traits for fast integration of model caching

  •    PHP

are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too. This package is released under the MIT license.

TrackWho - Laravel Traits for tracking who's done what to your models

  •    PHP

Create, update and delete authoring tracking dependency for Laravel Enso. are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.

Versioning - Prevents update conflicts in Laravel

  •    PHP

are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too. This package is released under the MIT license.

HistoryTracker - Laravel Model history tracking made easy

  •    PHP

The trait helps keep track of the changes made to a model by saving a snapshot for each relevant update of the model to a different 'history' table. The records in the history table are linked via FK to the original model. Setting a FK constraint on the DB column may be set if necessary.

laravel-eloquent-flag - Laravel Eloquent boolean & timestamp flagged attributes behavior.

  •    PHP

Any entity can has more than one flag at the same time. If flags can't work for the same entity simultaneously they are listed in Conflict column. Eloquent Flag is an easy way to add flagged attributes to eloquent models. All flags has their own trait which adds global scopes to desired entity.

derive_more - Some more derive(Trait) options

  •    Rust

Rust has lots of builtin traits that are implemented for its basic types, such as Add, Not or From. However, when wrapping these types inside your own structs or enums you lose the implementations of these traits and are required to recreate them. This is especially annoying when your own structures are very simple, such as when using the commonly advised newtype pattern (e.g. MyInt(i32)). This library tries to remove these annoyances and the corresponding boilerplate code. It does this by allowing you to derive lots of commonly used traits for both structs and enums.

dates-timezone-conversion-trait - ⏳🗺 Automatically convert an Eloquent model's dates to and from the current user's timezone

  •    PHP

This package provides a trait that automatically converts an Eloquent model's dates to and from the current user's timezone. Dates Timezone Conversion Trait can be easily installed using Composer. Just run the following command from the root of your project.

schedule - Schedule is a package that helps tracking schedules for your models

  •    PHP

Schedule is a package that helps tracking schedules for your models. If you have workers in a company, you can set schedules for them and see their availability though the time. This package is inspired from Spatie's Opening Hours package, which uses a schedule but only statically, rather than binding it to a model. This gave me the idea of brining it closer to Eloquent Models than to the classic Class.

go-traits - Extend Go struct capabilities

  •    Go

There are various approaches to reduce Go boilerplate like go generate and others. Traits library comes to add capabilities and reduce boilerplate using embedded structs. See examples folder for more.

plant - Trait-Driven Models of Ecology and Evolution :evergreen_tree:

  •    C++

The plant package for R is an extensible framework for modelling size- and trait-structured demography, ecology and evolution in simulated forests. At its core, plant is an individual-based model where plant physiology and demography are mediated by traits. Individual plants from multiple species can be grown in isolation, in patches of competing plants or in metapopulations under a disturbance regime. These dynamics can be integrated into metapopulation-level estimates of invasion fitness and vegetation structure. Accessed from R, the core routines in plant are written in C++. The package provides for alternative physiologies and for capturing trade-offs among parameters. A detailed test suite is provided to ensure correct behaviour of the code. An overview of the plant package is given by the above publication. Further background on the default FF16 growth model is available in Falster et al 2011 (10.1111/j.1365-2745.2010.01735.x) and Falster et al 2017 (10.1101/083451).

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