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training-kit - Open source on demand courses and cheat sheets for Git and GitHub


ReactNativeKatas - This is a project that lets you participate in a fully-immersive, hands-on, and fun learning experience for React Native

This is a project that lets you participate in a fully-immersive, hands-on, and fun learning experience for React Native. We will focus solely about design and styling for React Native, making this a perfect learning aid for both programmers and designers that previously handled Sass or CSS.

devtraining-needit-istanbul - This repository is used by the developer site training content, istanbul release

This repository contains generated files and a checksum. Do not edit the files in this repository outside of an instance of ServiceNow.


This repository (formerly known as orchestration-workshop) contains materials (slides, scripts, demo app, and other code samples) used for various workshops, tutorials, and training sessions around the themes of Docker, containers, and orchestration. If you're looking for the materials, you can stop reading right now, and hop to http://container.training/, which hosts all the slides decks available.

kotlin-workshop - JetBrains Kotlin Workshop Material

A Kotlin workshop intended to be taught in two days.Both the Instructor Project and the slides have Introduction and Advanced modules included. While the Introduction has a lot of pre-built examples, it also serves as a canvas to show more code while teaching. However, please make sure that if you're a contributing author to this project, that you do not check-in any ad-hoc code. It's also recommended to use Scratch files in IntelliJ IDEA for this purpose.

Private Cloud Solution Design

This project is named “Training Cloud”. It provides an appropriate solution which can be used for technical audiences self learning with a hands-on-lab experience using Microsoft technology hosted in a virtualized environment built on System Center 2012. Since it depends on ha...


WorkOutTimer This little tool provides an easy to use timer for your workouts, trainings, and more... It has two time period, one for working, and one to be cool! By default work time is set to 2 minutes, cool time is set to 1minute (Kick boxing settings), but you can...

hpc-in-a-day - a temporary fork of softwarecarpentry/hpc-novice

Novice introduction to high performance computing. This material was conceived as a sandbox project for swcarpentry/hpc-novice. Parts of it will be contributed to swcarpentry/hpc-novice in due course. The material as such targets future users of a HPC infrastructure of any discipline. The learners are expected to have an introductory level of programming skills and should know their way around the UNIX command line on a beginners level as well.

conda-training - Conda repository for training

Conda repository with the same testing environment as BIOCONDA repository. No upload to anaconda or quai.io repositories.

enterprise-clojure-training - A Clojure training course for Developers and Senior Developers

This is a Clojure training course for Developers and Senior Developers working on Enterprise software. See manual.adoc and manual.html for the course material and exercises. Trainers see slides.adoc and slides.html for the presentation material.

blockchain - Blockchain, basic implementation in go

Learn Blockchains by Building One a basic implementation in go.

carto-workshop - CARTO training materials

This repository contains a complete training on CARTO technologies. The contents are separated into modules and are meant to be made sequentially going from the most basic usage for GIS and analysts up to the advanced development section for attendants with more knowledge about web mapping development and so on. Modules can be easily combined to finally make a 1 week full training but they can be also split to make a longer training with half day duration.

wdio-workshop - WebdriverIO Workshop

Manually testing your website after every change is a 💥 pain 💥, but setting up a test automation tool can be even worse.

training - A training for future Plone developers

Training is a collection of different trainings, developed and created by the Plone Community. For a HTML version, please browse to our Training Website.