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react-breadcrumbs - Automatic breadcrumbs for React-Router

  •    Javascript

React component use to generate a breadcrumb trail (compatible with React Router). The /demo directory provide one example of how this package can be used. See the /demo for the code powering the small site.

trail - Trail is a simple logging system for Java and Android

  •    Java

Trail is a simple logging system for Java and Android. Create logs using the same API and the library will detect automatically in which platform the code is running. Tag: The tag of the log. It can be any object from which the method toString() will be called. If missing, a default tag with the name of the class where the log is created will be used.

redux-breadcrumb-trail - A stack-based breadcrumb component for react, react-redux, and react-router v3

  •    Javascript

This is a Breadcrumb component for react, redux, and react-router v3 that supports a stack-based trail that follows your actual navigation through the application. Ordinarily breadcrumb components work by tracing your static <Routes> layout. If your app contains a lot of side-navigation between un-nested pages, a dynamic stack-based breadcrumb can be useful to you. This package is intended to be installed along with react-router v3, redux, and react-redux. So be sure you have those prerequisites installed as well.

jquery-rcrumbs - jQuery plugin to create a responsive breadcrumb

  •    Javascript

rCrumbs aka responsiveCrumbs aka resizableCrumbs is a jQuery plugin which transforms a bunch of list item elements into a responsive breadcrumbs. The number of navigation items displayed is dynamically adapted depending on the available space in the browser window. The plugin's javascript and css files can be found in the dist/ folder. A development and a production version (minified) are available.

trail - An image with a mouse trail in pure JS.

  •    HTML

A little project to create an image-based mouse trail using vanilla JavaScript.

hiking-app - Swiss National Park hiking trail app

  •    TypeScript

This application displays the hiking trails in the Swiss National Park. The Swiss National Park is the most highly preserved area in Switzerland and it is a beloved place to go hiking.

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