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phpgeo - Simple Geo Library for PHP

  •    PHP

phpgeo provides abstractions to geographical coordinates (including support for different ellipsoids) and allows you to calculate geographical distances between coordinates with high precision. Minimum required PHP version is 7.0.

waveform-playlist - Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview

  •    Javascript

Inspired by Audacity, this project is a multiple track playlist editor written in ES2015 using the Web Audio API. Load tracks and set cues (track cue in, cue out), fades (track fade in, fade out) and track start/end times within the playlist. I've written up some demos on github for the different audio fade types in the project.

soundcloud-audio.js - Soundcloud tracks and playslists in modern browsers with HTML5 Audio API

  •    Javascript

Wrapper around HTML5 <audio> and SoundCloud tracks and playlists APIs. It could be treated as a small replacement for official SoundCloud SDK or as an independent browser audio library.Create an instance of SoundCloudAudio, internally uses HTML5 <audio> element which is available under audio property.

lastfmexport - Command-line utility to export a Last.fm user's scrobbles to file.

  •    Javascript

A command-line utility to export or backup your Last.fm scrobble history to file.

higlass - Fast contact matrix visualization for the web.

  •    Javascript

HiGlass is a web-based viewer for genome interaction maps featuring synchronized navigation of multiple views as well as continuous zooming and panning for navigation across genomic loci and resolutions. It supports visual comparison of Hi-C and other genomic data from different experimental conditions and can be used to efficiently identify salient outcomes of experimental perturbations, generate new hypotheses, and share the results with the community. A live instance can be found at http://higlass.io. A Docker container is available for running an instance locally, although we recommend using the higlass-manage package to start, stop and configure local instances.

larafy - Larafy is a Laravel package for Spotify API. It is more like a wrapper for the Spotify API.

  •    PHP

Larafy is a PHP API Wrapper for Spotify API. This wrapper is more oriented over Client Credentials authenticated endpoints and provides great interface and and eloquent way to search for tracks, seed genres or simply just provide custom tracks/albums listings for your users. For this, you will need an APP ID and an APP SECRET from your Spotify API Dashboard.

covermyass - Shell script to cover your tracks on UNIX systems

  •    Shell

Shell script to cover your tracks on UNIX systems. Designed for pen testing "covering tracks" phase, before exiting the infected server. Or, permanently disable system logs for post-exploitation. You can now use the tool using the executable.

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