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node-continuation-local-storage - implementation of https://github.com/joyent/node/issues/5243

Continuation-local storage works like thread-local storage in threaded programming, but is based on chains of Node-style callbacks instead of threads. The standard Node convention of functions calling functions is very similar to something called "continuation-passing style" in functional programming, and the name comes from the way this module allows you to set and get values that are scoped to the lifetime of these chains of function calls. When you set values in continuation-local storage, those values are accessible until all functions called from the original function – synchronously or asynchronously – have finished executing. This includes callbacks passed to process.nextTick and the timer functions (setImmediate, setTimeout, and setInterval), as well as callbacks passed to asynchronous functions that call native functions (such as those exported from the fs, dns, zlib and crypto modules).

jstrace - Dynamic tracing for javascript, in javascript (similar dtrace, ktap etc)

Dynamic tracing for JavaScript, written in JavaScript, providing you insight into your live nodejs applications, at the process, machine, or cluster level.Similar to systems like dtrace or ktap, the goal of dynamic tracing is to enable a rich set of debugging information in live processes, often in production in order to help discover the root of an issue. These libraries have very minimal overhead when disabled, and may be enabled externally when needed.

njsTrace - A Node.js tracing and instrumentation utility

njstrace lets you easily instrument and trace you code, see all function calls, arguments, return values, as well as the time spent in each function.To start tracing with the default settings just require njstrace and call its inject method.

node-comment-macros - JavaScript comment macros useful for injecting logging, tracing, debugging, or stats related code

Node / JavaScript comment macros useful for injecting logging, tracing, debugging, or stats related code.I wouldn't recommend this at the library level, normally even at the application level I wouldn't recommend it, but some of our projects require a lot of logging and metrics, so this helps cut the clutter.

zipkin-js - Zipkin instrumentation for Node.js and browsers

This is a library for instrumenting Node.js applications. It uses a lot of new JavaScript features and syntax, so Node.js version 6 or newer is required.If you'd like to try this out right away, try our example app which shows how tracing services looks.


This module has been superseded by @google-cloud/common.Source code for @google-cloud/common is available in the google-cloud-node repository.

devtools-timeline-model-browser - Browser-friendly helper for parsing DevTools Timeline traces into structured profiling data models

Browser-friendly library for parsing DevTools Timeline traces into structured profiling data models. Heavily inspired by devtools-timeline-model. Should work in any modern browser. To build the source run webpack or npm run build.

trace - Client-side tracing for performance analysis

Client-side tracing for performance analysis in production. Initialize a new Tracer with the given id and name. A "cycle" represents N related traces, these traces may be sequential or concurrent, later graphed to show you how long the cycle and its components spent processing.

dd-trace-js - Experimental JavaScript Tracer (WIP)

This project is experimental and under active development. Use it at your own risk. Node >= 4 is required.


Batiscaph is a research device that submerges into ocean and explores unknown space. That's what this tool does -- submerges into Erlang node and observes how programs work in it. Humans are more effective operating with graphs and shapes rather than symbols. Batiscaph takes advantage of this fact and provides visual environment that helps to understand your programs.

iopipe-js-core - AWS Lambda metrics, tracing, & analytics for NodeJS

This package provides analytics and distributed tracing for event-driven applications running on AWS Lambda. Install by requiring this module, passing it an object with your project token (register for access), and it will automatically monitor and collect metrics from your applications running on AWS Lambda.

serverless-plugin-iopipe - Automatically wrap your serverless framework functions with IOpipe

A serverless plugin to automatically wrap your functions with iopipe. You'll need to make sure your lambda functions have access to your IOpipe project token. The recommended strategy is to use an environment variable. Just setup the variable in serverless.yml like any other.