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torrent - Full-featured BitTorrent client package and utilities

This repository implements BitTorrent-related packages and command-line utilities in Go. The emphasis is on use as a library from other projects. It's been used 24/7 in production by a downstream, private service since late 2014.There is support for protocol encryption, DHT, PEX, uTP, and various extensions. See the package documentation for a more complete list. There are several data storage backends provided: blob, file, and mmap, and you can write your own, such as to store data on S3, or in a database. You can use the provided binaries in ./cmd, or use package torrent as a library for your own applications.

GitTorrent - A decentralization of GitHub using BitTorrent and Bitcoin

GitTorrent is a peer-to-peer network of Git repositories being shared over BitTorrent. You can read more about the project at this blog post.Note that GitTorrent is not affiliated with the git project.

magnetissimo - Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database

Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.Please check the Wiki pages for instructions on how to run Magnetissimo.

Flexget - The official FlexGet repository

FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, series, movies, etc. It can use different kinds of sources like RSS-feeds, html pages, csv files, search engines and there are even plugins for sites that do not provide any kind of useful feeds. There are numerous plugins that allow utilizing FlexGet in interesting ways and more are being added continuously.

cloud-torrent - ☁️ Cloud Torrent: a self-hosted remote torrent client

Cloud torrent is a a self-hosted remote torrent client, written in Go (golang). You start torrents remotely, which are downloaded as sets of files on the local disk of the server, which are then retrievable or streamable via HTTP.

Radarr - A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato.

Radarr is an independent fork of Sonarr reworked for automatically downloading movies via Usenet and BitTorrent. The project was inspired by other Usenet/BitTorrent movie downloaders such as CouchPotato.

T411Client Api

T411Client Api is a simple .Net client for the french torrent tracker t411.me web api.


TorrentProxy is an application that can boost your ratio on torrent trackers. It can be installed easily using ClickOnce installer. It's developed in C# (.NET 4.0, WinForms)

XAML Torrent

XAML Torrent is a WPF-based client which organizes multiple file transfer libraries/protocols under one user interface. The project's design centers around a set of abstractions of "transfer tasks" and "transfer managers". The idea is to build a user-friendly, protocol indepe...

MonoTorrent WebUI

MonoTorrent WebUI project brings a web based user interface for this BitTorrent library. The actual UI used is µTorrent's WebUI and the project's main contribution is an adaptor between the two.

uTorrent Web Client API Wrapper Library

This library allows .NET developers to easily access the uTorrent Web Client API. It provides a nice object-oriented wrapper over the uTorrent JSON API, and supports automatic updating and caching of results. It's developed in C# using WCF and requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Zeral .Net

A BitTorrent, eMule, Overnet and Gnutella library.

Bencode Library

Bencode library to encode and decode bencoding strings. Bencode is most often used in Bittorrent applications, for encoding of .torrent files. Library is developed in C#.


BotTorrent - a lightweight C# BitTorrent Client using the Monotorrent bittorrent engine and the smartirc4net IRC library. This BitTorrent client has unique features are not found in any other clients: -Native windows service No third party application is needed to get ...

Bt - Java BitTorrent Done Right!

Bt is a lightweight framework for P2P-lovers and enthusiastic BitTorrent researchers, perfect choice for light enterprise and home usage and experimentation. It offers good performance, reliability and is highly customizable. With Bt you can create a production-grade BitTorrent client in a matter of minutes. Bt is still in its' early days, but is actively developed and designed with stability and maintainability in mind.

confluence - Torrent client as a HTTP service

Confluence is a torrent client as a HTTP service. This allows for easy use from other processes, languages, and machines, due to the ubiquity of HTTP. It makes use of anacrolix/torrent's download-on-demand torrenting, and custom data backend features to store data in a cache. You can then utilize the BitTorrent network with sensible defaults as though it were just regular HTTP.Confluence will announce itself to DHT, and wait for HTTP activity. Torrents are added to the client as needed. Without an active request on a torrent, it is kicked from the client after the torrent grace period. Its data however may remain in the cache for future uses of that torrent.

dht - dht is used by anacrolix/torrent, and is intended for use as a library in other projects both torrent related and otherwise

Install the library package with go get github.com/anacrolix/dht, or the provided cmds with go get github.com/anacrolix/dht/cmd/....Here I'll describe what some of the provided commands in ./cmd do.

transmission-remote-gnome - Remote client for the Transmission torrent daemon

Remote client for Transmission.The goal of the project is to modernize transmission-remote-gtk project in terms of UI and codebase. This is still a work in progress.