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elasticsearch-gmail - Index your Gmail Inbox with Elasticsearch

  •    Python

Goal of this tutorial is to load an entire Gmail inbox into Elasticsearch using bulk indexing and then start querying the cluster to get a better picture of what's going on. I use Python and Tornado for the scripts to import and query the data. Also beautifulsoup4 for the stripping HTML/JS/CSS (if you want to use the body indexing flag).

klassify - Bayesian Text classification service based on Redis. Built on top of Tornado and React.js

  •    Javascript

Redis based text classification service with real-time web interface. Text classification, document classification or document categorization is a problem in library science, information science and computer science. The task is to assign a document to one or more classes or categories.

tornado-celery - Non-blocking Celery client for Tornado

  •    Python

NOTE: Currently callbacks only work with AMQP and Redis backends. To use the Redis backend, you must install tornado-redis.

gino - GINO Is Not ORM - a Python asyncio ORM on SQLAlchemy core.

  •    Python

GINO - GINO Is Not ORM - is a lightweight asynchronous ORM built on top of SQLAlchemy core for Python asyncio. Now (early 2018) GINO supports only one dialect asyncpg. There are a few tasks in GitHub issues marked as help wanted. Please feel free to take any of them and pull requests are greatly welcome.

apispec - A pluggable API specification generator

  •    Python

A pluggable API specification generator. Currently supports the OpenAPI Specification (f.k.a. the Swagger specification). Documentation is available at http://apispec.readthedocs.io/ .



IronPython version of Tornando web server.

python-nats - A Python 2 client for NATS

  •    Python

A Python async client for the NATS messaging system.Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Apcera Inc.

lastfmclient - Python client for the Last.fm API. Non-blocking client for Tornado included.

  •    Python

Python client for the Last.fm API with a pythonic interface. Also includes an async variant of the client for Tornado.See also examples.

tornado-sqlalchemy - Python helpers for using SQLAlchemy with Tornado

  •    Python

Python helpers for using SQLAlchemy with Tornado. Documentation is available at Read The Docs.

tredis - An asynchronous Redis client for Tornado

  •    Python

Documentation is available at tredis.readthedocs.org. TRedis is a work in progress and not all commands are implemented. The following list details each command category and the number of commands implemented in each.

tornado-upload - File Upload Application for Tornado

  •    Python

File Upload Application for Tornado

tornado-chat - Example of the simple chat on Tornado

  •    Javascript

Example of the simple chat on Tornado and Mongo DB. Server also will available on localhost:8888.

torext - [WORKING ON] The missing tornado mate

  •    Python

Torext is an utilities bundle for tornado, aimed at easy development & deployment of tornado application. Tornado is a great library, but sometimes I found it not that convenient to use, for example, I have to manually import handlers for Application initialization while there are more than one modules that hold request handlers, I have to write define('myoption') for a lot of lines, they are unsightly and inconvenient to manipulate. Each time I encounter those problems, my developing process is disturbed, I have to either consult the code I wrote in old project, or type lengthy repetitive code. Tornado is elegant, so I think developing with tornado should also be elegant.

sticker - Sticker is a powerful yet boilerplate-free alternative to writing your web API.

  •    Python

Write boilerplate-free Python functions and use them as your API handlers. Sticker allows you to choose Flask, bottle.py, Sanic, or Tornado as your application runtime. You need a little bit of Python.

elasticsearch-hn - Index & Search Hacker News using Elasticsearch and the HN API

  •    Python

Hacker News officially released their API this October, giving access to a vast amount of news articles, comments, polls, job postings, etc and via JSON, perfect to put it into Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is currently the most popular Open-Source search engine, used for a wide variety of use cases. It natively works with JSON documents so this sounds like a perfect fit.

elasticsearch-test-data - Generate and upload test data to Elasticsearch for eg

  •    Python

Because everybody loves test data. es_test_data.py lets you generate and upload randomized test data to your ES cluster so you can start running queries, see what performance is like, and verify your cluster is able to handle the load. It allows for easy configuring of what the test documents look like, what kind of data types they include and what the field names are called.

frontik - Maintainers: Сумин

  •    Python

Frontik is an asyncronous Tornado-based application server. It was designed to support simple xml aggregation with xsl transformation, but supports other content types as well. Frontik was originally developed by Andrey Tatarinov at hh.ru as a part of infrastructure development tasks.

swagger-py-codegen - a Python web framework generator supports Flask, Tornado, Falcon, Sanic

  •    Javascript

Alpha version for now, it may not handle all validation properly. If you found a bug, feel free to contact us. Then you can visit in a browser.

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