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MassTransit - Distributed Application Framework for .NET

  •    CSharp

MassTransit is a lightweight message bus for creating distributed applications using the .NET framework. MassTransit provides an extensive set of features on top existing message transports, resulting in a developer friendly way to asynchronously connect services using message-based conversation patterns. Message-based communication is a reliable and scalable way to implement a service oriented architecture.

magazine-website-akka - The experiment on the akkadotnet

  •    CSharp

We are stopping the development for this project for a while due to some of the limitations in the actor model. If you have checked out this repository, please very care of using it in your project.Get more details at codescene.io.

Topper - :tophat: Simple Windows Service helper (Topshelf-based, Azure Web Job capable)

  •    CSharp

Based on Topshelf. Exposes a drastically simplified API, where "services" are simply factories that return something IDisposable.Create YourNewAwesomeWindowsService as a Console Application project targeting at least .NET 4.5.2.