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MapShaper - Tools for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and CSV files

  •    MPL

Mapshaper is software for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, CSV and several other data formats, written in JavaScript. The mapshaper command line program supports essential map making tasks like simplifying shapes, editing attribute data, clipping, erasing, dissolving, filtering and more.

planetary.js - :earth_americas: Awesome interactive globes for the web

  •    Javascript

Examples, documentation, and more can be found at planetaryjs.com. Download Planetary.js from the Planetary.js web site.

topojson - An extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology! 🌐

  •    Javascript

TopoJSON is an extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology. Rather than representing geometries discretely, geometries in TopoJSON files are stitched together from shared line segments called arcs. This technique is similar to Matt Bloch’s MapShaper and the Arc/Info Export format, .e00. TopoJSON eliminates redundancy, allowing related geometries to be stored efficiently in the same file. For example, the shared boundary between California and Nevada is represented only once, rather than being duplicated for both states. A single TopoJSON file can contain multiple feature collections without duplication, such as states and counties. Or, a TopoJSON file can efficiently represent both polygons (for fill) and boundaries (for stroke) as two feature collections that share the same arc mesh. See How To Infer Topology for a visual explanation of how TopoJSON works. See Command-Line Cartography for an introduction to TopoJSON and related tools. See TopoJSON Format Specification for the format specification.

us-atlas - Pre-built TopoJSON from the U.S. Census Bureau.

  •    Shell

This repository provides a convenient mechanism for generating TopoJSON files from the Census Bureau’s cartographic boundary shapefiles, 2015 edition. A TopoJSON topology containing three geometry collections: counties, states, and nation. The geometry is quantized, projected using d3.geoAlbersUsa to fit a 960×600 viewport, and simplified. This topology is derived from the Census Bureau’s cartographic county boundaries, 2015 edition. The state boundaries are computed by merging counties, and the nation boundary is computed by merging states, ensuring a consistent topology.

world-atlas - Pre-built TopoJSON from Natural Earth.

  •    Shell

This repository provides a convenient mechanism for generating TopoJSON files from Natural Earth’s vector data, version 2.0.0. A TopoJSON topology containing two geometry collections: countries and land. The geometry is quantized, but not projected; it is in spherical coordinates, decimal degrees. This topology is derived from the Natural Earth’s Admin 0 country boundaries, 1:110m small scale, version 2.0.0. The land boundary is computed by merging countries, ensuring a consistent topology.

leaflet-omnivore - universal format parser for Leaflet & Mapbox.js

  •    Javascript

Leaflet supports the GeoJSON format by default. What if you have something else? That's where omnivore comes in.Omnivore also includes an AJAX library, corslite, so you can specify what you want to add to the map with just a URL.

geobuf - A compact binary encoding for geographic data.

  •    Javascript

Geobuf is a compact binary encoding for geographic data.Think of this as an attempt to design a simple, modern Shapefile successor that works seamlessly with GeoJSON. Unlike Mapbox Vector Tiles, it aims for lossless compression of datasets — without tiling, projecting coordinates, flattening geometries or stripping properties.

topogram - Continuous area cartograms with d3 and TopoJSON

  •    HTML

This is a JavaScript implementation of an algoritm to construct continuous area cartograms, by James A. Dougenik, Nicholas R. Chrisman and Duane R. Niemeyer, ©1985 by the Association of American Geographers. It relies heavily on d3 for rendering and TopoJSON both for writing and reading topological JSON geodata. The included example combines TopoJSON-encoded and boundaries of the United States from Natural Earth with 2011 US Census population estimates to size each state proportionally.

d3-carto-map - A mapping API that uses D3 geospatial functionality

  •    Javascript

d3.carto is a library for creating layer-based maps using D3. It allows you to easily make tile and vector maps that take advantage of D3's amazing geospatial functionality. Take a look at the wiki to get started or if you'd prefer to see what d3.carto can do, there are some examples here and more as blocks.

geojsonio - Convert many data formats to & from GeoJSON & TopoJSON

  •    R

This package is a utility to convert geographic data to geojson and topojson formats. Nothing else. We hope to do this one job very well, and handle all reasonable use cases.Each of the above functions have methods for various objects/classes, including numeric, data.frame, list, SpatialPolygons, SpatialLines, SpatialPoints, etc.

atlas-make - Makefiles for building geo/topojson & csv from public Shape files 🌎

  •    Makefile

A handy set of makefiles & recipes for building map related data files

portland-atlas - A simple way to to fetch and convert open datatsets involving Portland, Oregon.

  •    Makefile

This project was influenced by world-atlas. It's best to clone the repository and work directly from the project directory since most features are controlled through the Makefile.

migrations-map - A map of global migrations built from the UN dataset.

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. A map of global migrations built with React and D3.


  •    Javascript

That will make available two files: dist/Leaflet.VectorGrid.js and dist/Leaflet.VectorGrid.bundled.js. If you are adding these dependencies by yourself, use dist/Leaflet.VectorGrid.js instead.

historical-world-atlas - World TopoJSON data from 2000 BC until today

  •    Javascript

Historical world TopoJSON from 2000 BC until today

swiss-maps - Swiss geodata as TopoJSON

  •    Makefile

This repository provides a mechanism to generate TopoJSON from publicly available (but difficult to access) swisstopo geodata. To get started, clone this repository and run make.

svgeo - Generate structured SVG from TopoJSON

  •    Javascript

You can also generate meshes (connected outlines) of all or individual layers, which makes styling borders much nicer. If you've ever been frustrated with the jaggies that result from putting a stroke on two abutting features, then this is for you. You can also add styles to the SVG document with --style, which takes a CSS string like '.feature { fill: #eee; } .mesh { stroke: #000; }'. You can reference an external CSS file with --style '@import url("path/to/style.css")'.

dbgeo - Node.js module for converting database query results to GeoJSON or TopoJSON

  •    Javascript

Convert database query results to GeoJSON or TopoJSON. Inspired by Bryan McBride's PHP-Database-GeoJSON. Works with your database of choice - ideally paired with node-mysql, node-postgres, or mongodb. It is a more flexible version of postgeo and mysql2geojson (both deprecated). See test/test.js for more examples.

russian-geo-data - Actual (2015) Russian regions (adm1) boundaries data in GeoJson and TopoJson format with different simplify factor + SVG previews

  •    Javascript

Actual (2015) Russian regions (adm1) boundaries data in GeoJson and TopoJson format with different simplify factor + SVG previews.

indonesia.json - Indonesia TopoJSON file

  •    HTML

This file just include data for Indonesia provinces and places. Generate subunit.json map file. This command will include Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Papua New Guinea maps. For smaller file size just remove MYS, BRN, SGP and PNG options.

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