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kafka-topics-ui - Web Tool for Kafka Topics using Kafka Rest |

  •    Javascript

Browse Kafka topics and understand what's happening on your cluster. Find topics / view topic metadata / browse topic data (kafka messages) / view topic configuration / download data. This is a web tool for the confluentinc/kafka-rest proxy. Config: If you don't use our docker image, keep in mind that Kafka-REST-Proxy CORS support can be a bit buggy, so if you have trouble setting it up, you may need to provide CORS headers through a proxy (i.e. nginx).

Dictionary - Programming Dictionary


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explore - Community-curated topic pages on GitHub

  •    Ruby

Topic pages, curated by the community.Topics help you explore repositories in a particular subject area, learn more about a subject area, and find projects to contribute to.

lda - LDA topic modeling for node.js

  •    Javascript

Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) topic modeling in javascript for node.js. LDA is a machine learning algorithm that extracts topics and their related keywords from a collection of documents. In LDA, a document may contain several different topics, each with their own related terms. The algorithm uses a probabilistic model for detecting the number of topics specified and extracting their related keywords. For example, a document may contain topics that could be classified as beach-related and weather-related. The beach topic may contain related words, such as sand, ocean, and water. Similarly, the weather topic may contain related words, such as sun, temperature, and clouds.

hare - Wrapper around amqp that provides a chainable API.

  •    Javascript

Hare is a wrapper around amqp providing a cleaner chainable API for some of the common patterns. Worker queues allow you to ditribute messages to workers, where only one worker will recieve the message. Allowing for the distribution of resource intensive tasks across a worker pool.

bbPress - Stephen (aka netweb) git branch for sharing in-progress patch ideas

  •    PHP

bbPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress. Easily setup discussion forums inside your WordPress.org powered site. Have you ever been frustrated with forum or bulletin board software that was slow, bloated and always got your server hacked? bbPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed.

consensus - vote on topics for your next big meeting

  •    CSS

Imagine a Google Moderator that didn't make you tear your hair out. That's Consensus. Consensus is a tool for counting votes on topics proposed by its users. Topics are grouped into "agendas", which are lists of things to consider at meeting. Any Consensus user can create an agenda. Any Consensus user can propose a topic for any agenda. Votes are private only in the sense that they're not exposed by default in the UI, though you could show them if you wanted.

awesome-generator - Generate awesome list over Github API

  •    Go

Generate awesome list for any language over Github search API. Generated awesome lists: generated-awesomeness.

go-topics - Latent Dirichlet Allocation

  •    Go

A very basic LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) implementation with some convenient utilities.

Tuex - A mostly reasonable alternative to Vuex

  •    TypeScript

A simpler Vuex alternative written in TypeScript. Tuex is a reactive centralized state management library for Vue.js. It takes heavy inspiration from the Flux pattern (especially Vuex).

aws-sns-samples - Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) - Code Samples


This repository contains code samples related to Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service). These code samples are used in AWS blog posts and tutorials. These sample code files are made available under a modified MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

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