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popper.js - A kickass library to manage your poppers

  •    Javascript

A library used to position poppers in web applications.A popper is an element on the screen which "pops out" from the natural flow of your application. Common examples of poppers are tooltips, popovers and drop-downs.

Semantic-UI - Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language

  •    Javascript

Semantic is a UI framework designed for theming.Semantic allows developers to build beautiful websites fast, with concise HTML, intuitive javascript, and simplified debugging, helping make front-end development a delightful experience. Semantic is responsively designed allowing your website to scale on multiple devices. Semantic is production ready and partnered with frameworks such as React, Angular, Meteor, and Ember, which means you can integrate it with any of these frameworks to organize your UI layer alongside your application logic.

hint.css - A CSS only tooltip library for your lovely websites.

  •    CSS

hint.css is written as a pure CSS resource using which you can create cool accessible tooltips for your web app. It does not rely on JavaScript but rather uses aria-label/data- attribute*, pseudo elements, content property and CSS3 transitions to create the tooltips. Also it uses BEM naming convention particularly for the modifiers.

react-joyride - Create walkthroughs and guided tours for your app

  •    Javascript

Include Joyride in the parent component. Don't forget to pass a ref to the component.

balloon.css - Simple tooltips made of pure CSS

  •    CSS

Balloon.css lets you add tooltips to elements without JavaScript and in just a few lines of CSS. Manually: Simply download balloon.min.css from this repo and add it to your HTML. e.g.

tooltipster - A jQuery tooltip plugin

  •    Javascript

A flexible and extensible jQuery plugin for modern tooltips by Caleb Jacob and Louis Ameline under MIT license. Compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE6+ and others. Requires jQuery 1.10+ (or less, see the compatibility note in the doc). Default css + js files = 10Kb gzipped.

react-popper - React wrapper around Popper.js (official)

  •    Javascript

React wrapper around Popper.js. important note: popper.js is not a tooltip library, it's a positioning engine to be used to build features such as (but not restricted to) tooltips.

ng-bootstrap - Angular powered Bootstrap

  •    TypeScript

Welcome to the Angular version of the Angular UI Bootstrap library. This library is being built from scratch by the ui-bootstrap team. We are using TypeScript and targeting the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework. As with Bootstrap 4, this library is a work in progress. Please check out our list of issues to see all the things we are implementing. Feel free to make comments there.

microtip - 💬 Minimal, accessible, ultra lightweight css tooltip library. Just 1kb.

  •    CSS

Modern, minimal css tooptip library with accessibility baked in. Just `1kb` minified and gzipped.

tippyjs - Highly customizable vanilla JS tooltip/popover library

  •    Javascript

Tippy.js is a highly customizable vanilla JS tooltip/popover library powered by Popper.js. Use the full version link! Visit the link in src below to get the latest version.

react-overlays - Utilities for creating robust overlay components

  •    Javascript

All of these utilities have been abstracted out of react-bootstrap in order to provide better access to the generic implementations of these commonly needed components. The included components are building blocks for creating more polished components. Everything is bring-your-own-styles, css or otherwise. If you are looking for more complete overlays, modals, or tooltips--something you can use right out of the box--check out react-bootstrap, which is (or soon will be) built on using these components.

react-mdl - React Components for Material Design Lite

  •    CSS

This library is now deprecated. It's higly recommended to use Material Design Components instead. Instead of using the official material.css and material.js files from the MDL project, you should use the files we provide in /extra. The reason to that is because the official Layout component is not fully compatible with React. We made a patch and we re-exported everything so people can still use it. If you're worried about the changes we made, you can take a look at the patch note or read about the issue in this ticket.

Fomantic-UI - Fomantic-UI is a community fork of Semantic-UI

  •    Javascript

A community fork of the popular Semantic-UI framework. EDIT: Lots has changed since we started this project and we are now starting the development of FUI v3. You can read more about the > v3 proposals here.

react-tooltip - react tooltip component

  •    Javascript

You can import node_modules/react-tooltip/standalone/react-tooltip.min.js into your page. Please make sure that you have already imported react and react-dom into your page.

qTip2 - qTip2 - Pretty powerful tooltips

  •    Javascript

Introducing… qTip2. The second generation of the advanced qTip plugin for the ever popular jQuery framework. More documentation and information is available at the official site.

popper-core - 🍿Positioning tooltips and popovers is difficult. Popper is here to help!

  •    Javascript

Given an element, such as a button, and a tooltip element describing it, Popper will automatically put the tooltip in the right place near the button. It will position any UI element that "pops out" from the flow of your document and floats near a target element. The most common example is a tooltip, but it also includes popovers, drop-downs, and more. All of these can be generically described as a "popper" element.

react-popper - 🍿⚛Official React library to use Popper, the positioning library

  •    Javascript

React wrapper around Popper. important note: Popper is not a tooltip library, it's a positioning engine to be used to build features such as (but not restricted to) tooltips.

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