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kitematic - Visual Docker Container Management on Mac & Windows

  •    Javascript

Kitematic is a simple application for managing Docker containers on Mac, Linux and Windows. Download the latest version of Kitematic via the github release page.

toolbox - Phodal's Toolbox

  •    HTML

A Part of Growth Plan. © 2016 Phodal Huang. This code is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. See LICENSE in this directory.

stable-baselines3 - PyTorch version of Stable Baselines, reliable implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms

  •    Python

Stable Baselines3 (SB3) is a set of reliable implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms in PyTorch. It is the next major version of Stable Baselines. You can read a detailed presentation of Stable Baselines3 in the v1.0 blog post.

toolbelt - A toolbelt of useful classes and functions to be used with python-requests

  •    Python

This is just a collection of utilities for python-requests, but don't really belong in requests proper. The minimum tested requests version is 2.1.0. In reality, the toolbelt should work with 2.0.1 as well, but some idiosyncracies prevent effective or sane testing on that version.On Python 3.3.0 and 3.3.1, the standard library's http module will fail when passing an instance of the MultipartEncoder. This is fixed in later minor releases of Python 3.3. Please consider upgrading to a later minor version or Python 3.4. There is absolutely nothing this library can do to work around that bug.

tide - A General Toolbox for Identifying Object Detection Errors

  •    Python

An easy-to-use, general toolbox to compute and evaluate the effect of object detection and instance segmentation on overall performance. This is the code for our paper: TIDE: A General Toolbox for Identifying Object Detection Errors (ArXiv) [ECCV2020 Spotlight]. The current version is v1.0.1 (changelog).

[Ex] VS2010 UnitTest Coverage Analyzer

  •    DotNet

Analyzing Visual Studio Unittest Coverage Exported XML file

Visual Studio Toolbox Manager


This project is a command-line utility designed for .NET component developers. With it, you can add or remove controls to a toolbox tab inside of Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008, for both desktop and mobile device projects of any kind.



UsefulDB4O is a Base Class Libray for people working with Db4o (Open Source Object Database) on Net FrameWork. A few classes and features which help you to improve your job: - migrating RDBMS to Db4o Object Databases (include T4 Templates) - using Db4o in ASP.NET Web - more...

Download SVN (and GIT)


Simple utility which enables downloading Subversion (SVN) & GIT repositories. The utility is useful if you don't have SVN/GIT client, but you still want to download code from SVN & GIT repositories such as SourceForge, Google code or kernel.org. Simple stand-alone EXE utility

Xoor Tools

  •    C++

Xoor Tools is an easy to use c++ tool set that includes useful functions to replace common macros, and an extensive math tool-set for 3D real-time developers. This is a work in progress, but feel free to contact me at any time with suggestions or concerns.

Developer's Toolbox


A collection of tools a developer might need all in one package.

AscendedThemeKit (Themed Windows Forms and Controls)


The child of the Ascend.Net controls and ThemeKit theming forms and controls. Add themable forms and controls to your project.

boxx - Tool-box for efficient build and debug in Python

  •    Python

Box-X is a Tool-box for Efficient Build and Debug in Python. Especially for Scientific Computing and Computer Vision.

carcass - A toolbox for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

A toolbox for Node.js. See Docs.

VisualPlus - The VisualPlus Framework (VPF), VisualPlus UI for WinForms allows you to rapidly deploy professional

  •    CSharp

The VisualPlus Framework (VPF), VisualPlus UI for WinForms allows you to rapidly deploy professional .NET applications with customizable components and controls. To get the latest release, you can download a Fresh Build here.


  •    Swift

Xcore is a collection of pure Swift and Cocoa Touch classes, extensions and components for rapid and safe iOS development. It provides a vast library of customizations and extensions to get tasks done with ease and bugs free. Check out the included example project and documentation to see how. You can find the documentation here.

azure-toolbox - A Docker container with Azure Resource Manager administration tools and a machine/deep learning stack

  •    Makefile

No need to use SSH, no VNC authentication. Great for trying it out -- but a bad idea if you expose Docker ports outside your machine. If you're using a Mac, then don't use noauth and type changeme as a VNC password (the built-in VNC client rightfully dislikes null authentication options).