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docklands - Minimalistic Java EE Related Dockerfiles

  •    Shell

Simplest viable dockerfiles for Java EE projects (aka microservices) aiming for build speed and productivity. Each folder represents a Dockerfile which can be build by executing the build.js command. Recent builds already exist in https://hub.docker.com/u/airhacks/. To run the image use the "airhacks" name e.g. docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name payara-ping airhacks/payara-ping.

tomee-buildpack - Cloud Foundry buildpack for running Java applications using TomEE

  •    Ruby

The tomee-buildpack is a Cloud Foundry buildpack for running JVM-based applications. It is designed to run many JVM-based applications (Grails, Groovy, Java Main, Play Framework, Spring Boot, and Java EE Web Profile) with no additional configuration, but supports configuration of the standard components, and extension to add custom components. This buildpack has been customised to use TomEE. The standard Java Buildpack currently uses Tomcat. The following are very simple examples for deploying the artifact types that we support.

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