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netkiller.github.io - Netkiller Free ebook - 免费电子书

  •    HTML


sakai - Sakai is a freely available, feature-rich technology solution for learning, teaching, research and collaboration

  •    Java

This is the source code for the Sakai CLE. This is the "Mini Quick Start" for more complete steps to get Sakai configured please look at this guide on the wiki.

gradle-tomcat-plugin - Gradle plugin supporting deployment of your web application to an embedded Tomcat web container

  •    Groovy

The plugin provides deployment capabilities of web applications to an embedded Tomcat web container in any given Gradle build. It extends the War plugin. At the moment the Tomcat versions 6.0.x, 7.0.x, 8.0.x, 8.5.x and 9.0.x are supported. The typical use case for this plugin is to support deployment during development. The plugin allows for rapid web application development due to the container's fast startup times. Gradle starts the embedded container in the same JVM. Currently, the container cannot be forked as a separate process. This plugin also can't deploy a WAR file to a remote container. If you are looking for this capability, please have a look at the Cargo plugin instead.

jruby-rack - Rack for JRuby and Java appservers

  •    Ruby

A servlet bridge for (Ruby-based) Rack applications that allow them to run in Java Application servers using JRuby.

xsbt-web-plugin - Build J2EE Web applications with sbt

  •    Scala

xsbt-web-plugin is tool for building J2EE Web applications with sbt. Releases follow Specified Versioning guidelines.

Information Système & Shell à distance

  •    Java

Un web service qui permet d'avoir des informations sur le système et de lancer de commande (terminal) à distance.

uPortal - Enterprise open source portal built by and for the higher education community.

  •    Java

uPortal is the leading open source enterprise portal framework built by and for the higher education community. uPortal continues to evolve through contributions from its global community and is supported by resources, grants, donations, and memberships fees from academic institutions, commercial affiliates, and non-profit foundations. uPortal is built on open standards-based technologies such as Java and XML, and enables easy, standards-based integration with authentication and security infrastructures, single sign-on secure access, campus applications, web-based content, and end user customization. uPortal can easily integrate with other enterprise systems and can be customized for specific local needs. You may download uPortal and use it on your site at no cost. Unlike our competitors, uPortal is 100% free open source software managed by Apereo. Our community has access to all releases of the uPortal software with absolutely no costs. We welcome contributions from our community of all types and sizes.

graceful-shutdown-spring-boot - Graceful Shutdown with Spring Boot (Demo)

  •    Kotlin

In a modern world, we expect webapps to always be available. Yet, deployments trigger downtimes, which is why we're talking about zero downtime.Yeah, it's easy to put a proxy in front of your services and let it balance across multiple instances of your service. Now you can take them down one at a time, and deploy your fancy new version.

Commons-DBCP-monitoring - Monitor what threads are using connections from the DBCP pool, and generate a nice graph to understand what is happening

  •    Java

Monitor what threads are using connections from the DBCP pool, and waiting for connection. Generate a nice table to understand what is happening. This product includes software developed by The Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/).

jersey2-akka-java - An example async Java REST API using Jersey 2 and Akka

  •    Java

An example async Java REST API using Jersey 2 and Akka

jeesns - JEESNS是一款基于JAVA企业级平台研发的社交管理系统,依托企业级JAVA的高效、安全、稳定等优势,开创国内JAVA版开源SNS先河。数据库使用MYSQL,全部源代码开放。交流QQ群:280062708。

  •    Java


ubuntu-nginx-lucee - Script for standing up a Lucee server using nginx and Tomcat on Ubuntu

  •    Shell

Important: The master branch is now using Lucee 5, for Lucee 4.5 see the lucee45-ubuntu14 branch. Take a look in the scripts/ subfolder to see the script for each step.

spring-framework-petclinic - A Spring Framework application based on JSP, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate and JDBC

  •    Java

Approved by the Spring team, this repo is a fork of the spring-projects/spring-petclinic. It allows the Spring community to maintain a Petclinic version with a plain old Spring Framework configuration and with a 3-layer architecture (i.e. presentation --> service --> repository). The "canonical" implementation is now based on Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and aggregate-oriented domain. In its default configuration, Petclinic uses an in-memory database (HSQLDB) which gets populated at startup with data. A similar setups is provided for MySql and PostgreSQL in case a persistent database configuration is needed. To run petclinic locally using persistent database, it is needed to run with profile defined in main pom.xml file.

aco-tomcat - Puppet module for Tomcat

  •    HTML

The tomcat module installs and configures Apache Tomcat instances from either the packages available in your distribution's repositories, or from any archive file you provide to it. This module will install the desired version of the Apache Tomcat Web Application Container from almost any possible source, including the repositories available on the target system (distribution repositories or third-party sources like JPackage and EPEL) A long list of parameters allow a fine tuning of the server and the JVM. Tomcat's most common elements are provided, and virtually any missing parameters can be included using the hash parameters present in each block. It is also possible to configure, besides the server itself, admin applications, extra libraries, etc. The creation of individual instances following Apache's guidelines is supported via a custom type.

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