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gitbook-plugin-page-toc - Add Table of Contents (TOC) to every page in your GitBook.

  •    Javascript

This plugin adds a table of contents (TOC) to each page in your Gitbook. You can set whether the TOC appears on all pages by default, and you can enable or disable the TOC on individual pages to override the default. The page-specific front matter overrides the showByDefault parameter.

mktoc - Simple command line tool to create TOC files for CD burning with cdrdao.

  •    TeX

Mktoc simplifies the steps needed to create audio CD TOC files for the cdrdao CD burning program. For users familiar with ExactAudioCopy or CdrWin, TOC files are synonymous with CUE sheets. The primary goal of mktoc is to create TOC files using a previously generated CUE sheet. CUE_FILE must contain a valid CUE format. When *_FILE is not provided, the program will read from STDIN. All output will be sent to STDOUT.

MarkdownTOC - MarkdownTOC(Table Of Contents) Plugin for Sublime Text 3

  •    Python

Sublime Text 3 plugin for generating a Table of Contents (TOC) in a Markdown document. Now you can go on and edit your document further or you can customize you TOC, please read on.

gitbook-plugin-atoc - A TOC plugin for GitBook

  •    Javascript

This plugin will add table of content to the page and provide navigation function inside a page.