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node-notifier - A Node

  •    Javascript

Send cross platform native notifications using Node.js. Notification Center for macOS, notify-osd/libnotify-bin for Linux, Toasters for Windows 8/10, or taskbar Balloons for earlier Windows versions. Growl is used if none of these requirements are met. Works well with electron. Standard usage, with cross-platform fallbacks as defined in the reporter flow chart. All of the options below will work in a way or another on all platforms.

electron-toaster - A simple desktop notification for electron apps

  •    Javascript

If you need to do some stuffs at the main process on toaster click or when toaster was closed by timeout.isAuto parameter: true - if timeout was reached. false - if user interacted with toaster onclick.

electron-notifications - :boom: A node module for sending notifications in electron applications.

  •    Javascript

A node module for sending notifications in electron applications. If you'd like to see this in action you can run the playbook and try out live examples and edit the code in place.

electron-notification-shim - Get Notification API events in Electron main-process

  •    Javascript

Get Notification API events in Electron main-process. Perfect for adding Notification toasters in Windows with node-notifier or other solution. The msg is a simple object: { title, options }, which matches the two parameters sent to new Notification(title, options). You can send an event back with e.returnValue or e.sender.send() if you want to react to it in the rendering view as well.

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