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react-toastr - React.js toastr component

  •    Javascript

The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball.

PopupWindow - PopupWindow is a simple Popup using another UIWindow in Swift

  •    Swift

First popup implementation is included in BasePopupViewController's loadView, viewDidAppear. If you want to create the next popup, please call showPopupView(). Replace the display contents, and perform deformation to the specified size. By using PopupItem, you can specify content contents and size.

elix - High-quality, customizable web components for common user interface patterns

  •    Javascript

Elix is a community-driven collection of high-quality web components for common user interface patterns. Most applications make use of common, general-purpose user interface patterns such lists, menus, dialogs, carousels, and so on. Such patterns can be efficiently implemented and packaged as web components. Their modular nature lets you easily incorporate web components into your web application, and their standard definition ensures good results across browsers.

toast.js - Minimalist browser popup notifier library.

  •    Javascript

Toast.js is a flexible minimalist JavaScript popup notifications library written in TypeScript. Bootstrap friendly but does not depend on Bootstrap (notification types and colors match Bootstrap alerts).

notus - Yet another JavaScript pop-up notification library for the web.

  •    Javascript

Yet another non-blocking, pop-up notification library for the web, strictly without jQuery (or any other dependencies). I wanted simple notification JS library at my day-job which can be used to show popup/toast notifications with variety of configurations, and does it with one strict requirement; NO external dependencies. I came across several great libraries which allow to show popup notifications but either they depend on jQuery, or they are not so minimal. Not that they are bad, but it is not wise to include a library to accomplish small task, in a huge project with a large codebase, that carries lot of additional weight with it.

ember-cli-growl - A growl notification system for EmberJS packaged as an Ember CLI add-on.

  •    Javascript

A growl component for EmberJS that displays notifications and handles dismissal. controller.

angular-toast - Micro angular pop up library

  •    HTML

Installation is super easy, simply add the dependencies to your build, inject it and call the toast.show() method.


  •    Javascript

A very small JS library for showing toasts, written in 496 bytes of CSS and 996 bytes of JS. The $toast method is added to window so can be called from anywhere.

react-notification - 🚀A complete and totally customizable component for notifications in React

  •    Javascript

Configure notification. This is optional. The default maxNotifications is 3 and notificationDisplayTime is 5s. Emit notification with some informations and callback handler.