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TFS Timesheets


A custom work item control for Team Foundation Server that allows timesheet data to be captured against a work item.

tilelive-mapnik - mapnik renderer backend for tilelive

  •    Javascript

Renderer backend for tilelive.js that uses node-mapnik to render tiles and grids from a Mapnik XML file. tilelive-mapnik implements the Tilesource API.Though tilelive is not a dependency of tilelive-mapnik you will want to install it to actually make use of tilelive-mapnik through a reasonable API.

editor-layer-index - A unified layer index for OSM editors.

  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to maintain a canonical representation of the layers available to OpenStreetMap editors such as iD, Vespucci, JOSM, Go Map!! and Potlatch 2. Both imagery and other raster data that is useful for mapping are within scope of the project. This list is purely targeted at OpenStreetMap and does not include layers only useful for other projects such as Open Historical Map if the layers are not also useful for OpenStreetMap. With the way this list is structured it is easy to combine it with additional layer sources simply by copying the additional sources into their own directory and running make.

angular-phrase - Angular JS adapter for PhraseApp

  •    TypeScript

angular-phrase is an addon for angular-translate that lets you connect localized AngularJS applications to the PhraseApp In-Context Editor.


  •    Javascript

Download map tiles covering an area from a URL template. There exist various web services that act as providers for map tile data. This could be vector tiles or maybe traditional raster image tiles. Usually they follow a predictable URL structure like http://foo-service.com/tiles/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg. If you know this URL template, you can use tile-dl to download all tiles within an area from this service and store them locally.

light-map - a light-weight XYZ viewer

  •    Javascript

minimal, lightweight, self contained XYZ tile map viewer with a 2d canvas renderer. This content is released under the MIT License.