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vue-element-admin - A magical vue admin

  •    Vue

vue-element-admin is a front-end management background integration solution. It based on vue and use the UI Toolkit element. It is a magical vue admin based on the newest development stack of vue, built-in i18n solution, typical templates for enterprise applications, lots of awesome features. It helps you build a large complex Single-Page Applications. I believe whatever your needs are, this project will help you.

ui-tinymce - AngularUI wrapper for TinyMCE

  •    Javascript

This library is looking for a maintainer. If you feel up to the task please open an issue indicating so.Be sure not to set an id attribute. This is because the directive needs to maintain selector knowledge in order to handle buggy behavior in TinyMCE when DOM manipulation is involved, such as in a reordering of HTML through ng-repeat or DOM destruction/recreation through ng-if.

Tinymce-vue - Official TinyMCE Vue component

  •    Typescript

This package is a thin wrapper around tinymce to make it easier to use in a Vue application.



This Orchard module extends Orchard's default TinyMce module by including the full set of TinyMce plugins.



a TinyMCE image upload plugin for ASP.NET that utilizes Silverlight 3 to upload the image. This project has a seperate Silverlight 3 project and modifies the current advimage plugin that comes with TinyMCE.

TinyMCE with FCKEditor File Upload Manager in ASP.NET MVC 3


Here are the goals for the project: - User can manage to upload images or files to server from TinyMCE editor using FCK file manager - The image or file link is put back into TinyMCE editor as content.

tinymce-docs - TinyMCE Documentation

  •    HTML

This project serves as the documentation for TinyMCE, as you see on tinymce.com. If you have any modifications you wish to contribute, fork this project, make the changes and submit a pull request. You will need to sign a contributors license agreement, a link will be sent via email.We use Jekyll 3, mainly because of incremental building feature. You should have at least Ruby 2 to run it (check your version: ruby -v).

tinymce-table-dropdown - Creates a single split-button control with all table options in a dropdown

  •    Javascript

This plugin creates a single split-button with all available table options in a dropdown. If you need to have access to all of TinyMCE's table controls but don't want to clutter your toolbar, this is the plugin you've been searching for.

tinymce-codemirror - CodeMirror for TinyMCE 4

  •    Javascript

Download and install TinyMCE 4 and make sure it runs correctly with default settings. Place the directory plugins/codemirror in the tinymce/plugins directory.

FMElfinderBundle - :file_folder: ElFinderBundle provides ElFinder integration with TinyMCE, CKEditor, Summernote editors

  •    PHP

elFinder is an open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. Creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of Finder program used in Mac OS X operating system.

tinymce-mediauploader - Media Uploader plugin for TinyMCE

  •    Javascript

This is the function that will handle files that need to be uploaded. See the example above for signature, and usage. This function is called anytime media is embeded into the editor. It takes the media element as it's only argument.

aor-tinymce-input - <TinyMCEInput> component for admin-on-rest, useful for editing HTML in admin GUIs

  •    Javascript

component for admin-on-rest, useful for editing HTML in admin GUIs. Binding of <TinyMCE /> for admin-on-rest.

jce - JCE - A Content Editor for Joomla

  •    PHP

JCE is a WYSIWYG editor for Joomla based on the Moxiecode / Ephox Tinymce WYSIWYG Editor. The latest installable version can be found in the Releases section.

magento-advanced-code-editor - An advanced code editor that'll make it much easier to write clean markup for CMS pages, static blocks, product pages and Transactional Emails

  •    Javascript

Extends Magento with an advanced code editor that'll make it much more easier to produce clean semantic markup for CMS related content as well as product pages and Transactional Emails. If you're familiar with Magento and you've spent some time working with it's WYSIWYG editor, you'll know that producing clean semantic HTML markup with the TinyMCE editor can be quite a hassle. Especially when fiddling around in the "design view" it'll often result in invalid or unwanted HTML. Of course you can open up the default source editor and go from there. But you probably know that this will not be very pleasant as well, the code looks like a big bowl of tag soup and editing it can give you a real headache.

tinymce-emmet-plugin - A TinyMCE plugin that provides an HTML editor including all Emmet features

  •    Javascript

A TinyMCE plugin that provides an HTML editor including all Emmet features (formerly Zen Coding). Pass along the name of the plugin to the plugins property of the init method and you're good to go.

tinymce-knockout-binding - A KnockoutJS custom binding that applies a TinyMCE Editor to the bound HTML element

  •    Javascript

Design your own editor using http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Configuration to build the wysiwygConfig object. tinymce-knockout-binding no longer assumes a default configuration for the editor. Configuration is applied to all editor instances by setting the binding's defaults property.

ngx-tinymce - Angular for tinymce

  •    TypeScript

Tinymce Components build with Angular. Recommend: You will need tinymce.min.js file via Build Customizer generate.

tinymce-react - Offical TinyMCE React component

  •    TypeScript

This package is a thin wrapper around tinymce to make it easier to use in a React application. For some quick demos, check out the storybook.