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laravel-web-tinker - Tinker in your browser

  •    Javascript

This package will add a route to your application where you can tinker to your heart's content. In case light hurts your eyes, there's a dark mode too.

laravel-sketchpad - An innovative front-end environment for interactive Laravel development

  •    PHP

Sketchpad is an innovative, bolt-on development environment for your existing Laravel site. It's a place to write, test, experiment and execute code, or just a place to group useful tools and functions you want easy access to.

tinx - Reload your Laravel Tinker session from inside Tinker, plus magic shortcuts for first(), find(), where(), and more!

  •    PHP

Laravel Tinker, re()loaded. This will allow you to immediately test out your application's code changes.

laravel-live-tinker - Laravel tinker in your browser with code highlight

  •    PHP

Laravel's tinker command allows to run any code you want as if you are inside your Laravel app. This package helps you to run any line of code in your Laravel app environment in your favorite browser tab. No tinker launching, no typing or searching previously typed code.

repl - Framework Agnostic REPL For Node.js. Used by AdonisJS

  •    TypeScript

A slick framework agnostic REPL for Node.js with first class support for top level await, typescript compilation, accurate stack traces and a lot more. 👉 Execute typescript code with in-memory compilation. 👉 Support for top level await keyword. 👉 Ability to define custom method with a help description.

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