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CardSlider - Innovative twist to Tinder cards for iOS.

  •    Swift

This project isn't a framework, it's more so of a demonstration of how to approach this sort of user interface. Card Slider basically uses a UIPanGestureRecognizer in conjunction with several UIKit Dynamics behaviors. Because of this, ideally you would want all the card logic code in a view controller class, so I opted not make an external class that uses delegation to talk to the view controller. This file has all the logic code associated with showing the 6 emojis on the sides when the user pans the card around, as well as the heart emoji on the top right.

react-native-snap-carousel - Swiper/carousel component for React Native with previews, multiple layouts, parallax images, performant handling of huge numbers of items, and RTL support

  •    Javascript

Swiper component for React Native featuring previews, multiple layouts, parallax images, performant handling of huge numbers of items, and RTL support. Compatible with Android & iOS. This app is available on Android and iOS. It uses version 3.2.0 of the plugin, with FlatList's implementation and parallax images.

PlaceHolderView - This library provides advance views for lists and stacks

  •    Java

You can find the PlaceHolderView documentation here which has extended usage instructions and other useful information. Some of the views in PlaceHolderView library is build on top of RecyclerView and rest are written in its own.

flamme - An open source tinder desktop client built with electron and Vue

  •    Vue

With analytical inspection of daily and hourly count of matches you get. The API access is blocked somehow 🙄. This is not working anymore *cough* play with the request headers *cough*. You're very welcome to do whatever you want with the source code though.

MyntraTinder - tinder like app based on ecstasy2/tinder-card-stack

  •    Java

MyntraTinderActivity: This is the main activity that is based on the default DrawerLayoutActivity provided to us in Android Studio. It extends NavigationDrawerCallbacks from NavigationDrawerFragmentSingleElv to handle click events in the drawer fragment. The rest of the activities in the project are just for testing and trying various things.

get-me-a-date - :heart_eyes: Help me get a :cupid: date tonight :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

  •    Javascript

Uses AWS Rekognition deep learning-based image recognition to help you automate your date discovery. Swagger documentation available at http://localhost:5940/docs.

VerticalCardSwiper - A marriage between the Shazam Discover UI and Tinder, built with UICollectionView in Swift

  •    Swift

A marriage between the Shazam Discover UI and Tinder, built with UICollectionView in Swift. The goal of this project is to recreate the Discover UI in Shazam (which I think is a great, fun way to display content) in combination with a Tinder style of swiping cards to the left/right. The idea behind this is that in some cases, you don't want to swipe away cards, but keep them available for later on. This implementation allows for that. And it's a fun way to interact with content.

gipher - tinder like app for gifs built with elm and firebase

  •    Elm

Product Hunt Page. A Tinder-like application allowing you to swipe among trending gifs (using giphy API).

tinder-client - ❤️ NodeJS Tinder Client

  •    Javascript

Tinder has an unofficial API that has been documented by this gist and fbessez/Tinder. There is also an existing Node Client, tinderjs. This is a Promise-based equivalent.

tinder_auth_fetcher - TinderAuthFetcher is a Ruby Gem to fetch Facebook auth token to use Tinder API

  •    Ruby

TinderAuthFetcher is inspired by @andrewpeterprifer's tinder-token-retriever written in Python. TinderAuthFetcher is used for fetching Facebook auth token to use Tinder API. TinderAuthFetcher automatically crawls Facebook and retrieves the token which is necessary to send a request to Tinder API. More information about Tinder API is here.

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