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concurrencpp - Modern concurrency for C++

  •    C++

concurrencpp is a tasking library for C++ allowing developers to write highly concurrent applications easily and safely by using tasks, executors and coroutines. By using concurrencpp applications can break down big procedures that need to be processed asynchronously into smaller tasks that run concurrently and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the wanted result. concurrencpp also allows applications to write parallel algorithms easily by using parallel coroutines. concurrencpp is a task-centric library. A task is an asynchronous operation. Tasks offer a higher level of abstraction for concurrent code than traditional thread-centric approaches. Tasks can be chained together, meaning that tasks pass their asynchronous result from one to another, where the result of one task is used as if it were a parameter or an intermediate value of another ongoing task. Tasks allow applications to utilize available hardware resources better and scale much more than using raw threads, since tasks can be suspended, waiting for another task to produce a result, without blocking underlying OS-threads. Tasks bring much more productivity to developers by allowing them to focus more on business-logic and less on low-level concepts like thread management and inter-thread synchronization.



LoLTimers by Christian Schubert 2012. Version This is a small app that lets you keep track of the most important creep camp cooldowns. Developed in Visual Studio C#.

JP Timer - Free Countdown-Timer/Stopwatch, Shutdown/Logoff/Reboot Windows


This small project came out as a result of my practices of learning C++/CLI and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Therefore, it is written in pure C++/CLI. JP Timer is a free small, neat and easy-to-use countdown timer comes with a handy stopwatch. It can be used as a time remin...

nose-timer - A timer plugin for nosetests (how much time does every test take?)

  •    Python

You can highlight slower tests using --timer-ok and --timer-warning flags. Default time unit is the second, but you can specify it explicitly, e.g. 1s, 100ms. In some cases, you may want to disable colors completely. This is done by using the --timer-no-color flag. This is useful when running tests in a headless console.

chai-timers - Timers, stopwatches, and other time based assertions for the Chai Assertion Library.

  •    Javascript

Timers, stopwatches, and other time based assertions for the Chai Assertion Library.

skyring - Distributed timers as a service - for Node.js

  •    Javascript

To verify that it is working, you can telnet directly to the server and ping it. If you intend to run skyring as is, it may be preferable to use the included binary over cloning the project.

erlchronos - A gen_server wrapper with precise ticks

  •    Erlang

Authors: Guilherme Andrade (erlchronos(at)gandrade(dot)net). erlchronos provides a gen_server wrapper, ticked_gen_server, that allows one to more easily manage triggering and dealing with ticks at regular intervals by specifying two new callbacks, tick_duration/2 and handle_tick/4.

autotimers - Zero-dependency replacement for setTimeout() with five types of repeating timer objects, timers on elements, easier cancellation, unit tests, and promise-syntax

  •    Javascript

Wait four seconds, then run one time. Connect to default element (document). Place timer on "#someid". Run immediately, then repeatedly run exactly four seconds after the end of the previous run.

ratas - A hierarchical timer wheel, for implementing timed event queues

  •    C++

The exact implementation strategy is a hierarchical timer wheel. A timer wheel is effectively a ring buffer of linked lists of events, and a pointer to the ring buffer. As the time advances, the pointer moves forward, and any events in the ring buffer slots that the pointer passed will get executed. A hierarchical timer wheel layers multiple timer wheels running at different resolutions on top of each other. When an event is scheduled so far in the future than it does not fit the innermost (core) wheel, it instead gets scheduled on one of the outer wheels. On each rotation of the inner wheel, one slot’s worth of events are promoted from the second wheel to the core. On each rotation of the second wheel, one slot’s worth of events is promoted from the third wheel to the second, and so on.

mycroft-timer - Mycroft AI official Timer Skill - set multiple named timers

  •    Python

Set named timers for cooking, watering plants, brewing tea and more. Use Mycroft when your hands are messy or you need more that the one timer in your kitchen. Multiple timers are easy to set and track with conversational interactions.

goethe - Threading and Caching Utilities for golang

  •    Go

This package provides several useful threading, locking and caching utilities for use in golang. In particular goethe (pronounced ger-tay) threads have thread-ids which can be useful for logging and in thread pools. This package maintains one global goethe implementation which can be gotten using the github.com/jwells131313/goethe.GetGoethe() method.

react-timers - A react setInterval/setTimeout mixin for mere mortals

  •    Javascript

A react setInterval/setTimeout mixin for mere mortals. Any intervals that are set are automatically cleared based on the component life cycle. WARNING: If you are performing an async action, you should still check if the component is mounted.

timers-browserify - timers module for browserify

  •    Javascript

Adds support for the timers module to browserify. and indeed, browsers support these already.

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