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countdownjs - A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive description of the timespan between two Date instances

  •    Javascript

A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive description of the timespan between two Date instances. While seemingly a trivial problem, the human descriptions for a span of time tend to be fuzzier than a computer naturally computes. More specifically, months are an inherently messed up unit of time. For instance, when a human says "in 1 month" how long do they mean? Banks often interpret this as thirty days but that is only correct one third of the time. People casually talk about a month being four weeks long but there is only one month in a year which is four weeks long and it is only that long about three quarters of the time. Even intuitively defining these terms can be problematic. For instance, what is the date one month after January 31st, 2001? JavaScript will happily call this March 3rd, 2001. Humans will typically debate either February 28th, 2001 or March 1st, 2001. It seems there isn't a "right" answer, per se.

TimeCircles - jQuery plugin to show time since or time until a specific time

  •    Javascript

TimeCircles is a jQuery plugin that provides a nice looking way to either count down towards a certain time, or to count up from a certain time. The goal for TimeCircles is to provide a simple yet dynamic tool that makes it very easy to provide visitors an attractive countdown or timer. This documentation will provide some examples of how to use TimeCircles. Usage of TimeCircles can be very simple, but for those willing to work a little harder can also provide more sophisticated functionality. The examples aim to provide a good basic idea of how various features can be used without overcomplicating things.


  •    JQuery

Reverse count down jquery plugin for displaying countdown as per your need. It also displays current time.

measure-time - create benchmark suites and see the time consumption per given functions.

  •    Javascript

Create benchmark suites and see the time consumption per given functions.And it'll give an output like the screenshot on top. See the example.js in the repo for another example.

tick-tock - Timer management, never forget to clear timers again.

  •    Javascript

tick-tock is a small timer and setTimeout management library. Nothing to fancy, but fancy enough to make your code more readable.The setTimeout method adds as you might have expected.. a new setTimeout. The timeouts are stored based on the name that your provide them. If you've already stored a timer with the given name, it will add the supplied callback to the same stack so only one timer is used and they all run at the same time. Normally you would supply the setTimeout method with a number indicating long it should timeout. In this library we also support human readable strings.

p-time - Measure the time a promise takes to resolve

  •    Javascript

Returns a decorated version of input that when called returns a Promise with a time property of the elapsed time in milliseconds.Returns a decorated version of input that when called logs the elapsed time in milliseconds of the Promise.

zeit - Clock and task scheduler for node

  •    Javascript

A node.js clock and scheduler, intended to take place of the global V8 object for manipulation of time and task scheduling which would be handled with calls to set/clearTimeout and set/clearInterval. Zeit ships with a set of controllable Stub clocks which can be used for the manipulation of time and scheduling in tests. In order to ensure that this behaviour is acceptably deterministic (and hence testable), we need to be able to control both of these events. The Zeit library provides objects to abstract away the global-ness of these operations, which can be used in node.js application code to provide a more managed method.

time-diff - Returns the formatted, high-resolution time difference between `start` and `end` times.

  •    Javascript

Returns the formatted, high-resolution time difference between start and end times. Uses [pretty-time][] to format time diffs.

chronoman - Utility class to simplify use of timers created by setTimeout

  •    Javascript

Utility class to simplify use of timers created by setTimeout. Use dist/chronoman.js or dist/chronoman.min.js (minified version).

virtual-clock - A small library for configurable, high-resolution, high-performance virtual clocks

  •    Javascript

This small and efficient library provides configurable virtual clocks for tracking time in for example simulations, games, media applications, or even just a simple stopwatch. Virtual clocks can be started and stopped, the rate at which time flows can be altered and even be made negative, causing time to flow backwards. Time can be limited by a minimum and maximum value, and when both a minimum and maximum are defined time may be set to loop around. Time listeners may be attached which will fire when a given (absolute) time on the clock is passed, without having to worry about adjusting timeouts for pauses, rate changes or other conditions.

flipcountdown - Clock in retro style

  •    Javascript

jQuery Clock,Timer or Counter plugin in retro flip-count down style. The plugin can display the time and number, including floating point.

jquery-runner - A runner/stopwatch plugin for jQuery

  •    CoffeeScript

A simple runner/stopwatch jQuery plugin for counting time up and down. Grab the latest version from the build/ folder.

tasker - A time tracking app with JIRA support and verbal and desktop notifications.

  •    Javascript

Tasker is a very simple task runner that will verbally and visually notify you of currently running tasks. You can enable/disable either notification type (or both). You can also set the duration of time in between notifications.

jLiveTime - jQuery plugin for live timestamps, countdowns, time-ago, and timers

  •    Javascript

Tested on IE8-9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Mobile Safari. To display time difference to current time (time elapsed, or time remaining) use d_ prefix.

chronos - A simple and lightweight JavaScript timer

  •    Javascript

Just as simple as is. Chronos.js supports CommonJS and AMD modules. However, library can be used directly in browser, since it exposes chronos object globally in case when no module system detected.

timer-machine - A simple, flexible timer for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

A simple, flexible timer for JavaScript. Timer Machine can maintain references to named timers. When the static method get('name') is called, it constructs a new instance if the name did not already exist, and returns the instance of Timer. This makes it easy to share a timer across multiple modules.

timer - Timer with microsecond resolution

  •    C

Simple timer with microsecond resolution. It uses gettimeofday(), so is not portable to non-Unix platforms.