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js-joda - :clock2: Immutable date and time library for javascript

  •    Javascript

js-joda is an immutable date and time library for javascript. It provides a simple, domain-driven and clean API based on the ISO8601 calendar. js-joda has a lightweight footprint, only 46 kB minified and compressed, no third party dependencies.

TimeSpan Helper Library

  •    DotNet

Library to extend the functionality of the TimeSpan structure to be comparable, serializable, and convertible. It also supports localized string formatting and parsing so a TimeSpan can be represented by something like "3 days, 2 hours, 19 minutes" instead of "3:02:19:00".

ThreeTen - Backport of DateTime functionality based on JSR-310 to Java SE 6 and 7

  •    Java

Backport of functionality based on JSR-310 to JDK1.7. This is NOT an implementation of JSR-310. Instead, this is a simple backport intended to allow users to quickly use the JSR-310 API on Java SE 6 and 7. The backport should be referred to using the "ThreeTen" name.

js-joda-locale - plugin for locale functionality of js-joda

  •    Javascript

with these packages, no further steps are needed to build the cldr-data. It is also possible to not use the prebuilt packages. This results in a more complex setup, but also more control over the complete process.

js-joda-timezone - bindings to the iana tzdb for js-joda

  •    Javascript

The author of joda time and the lead architect of the JSR-310 is Stephen Colebourne. The packed json version of the iana tzdb is imported from moment-timezone package.