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Time4A - Advanced Date and Time Library for Android

  •    Java

Time4A is an advanced Date and Time Library for Android. This project is a specialized version of Time4J-v3.x (using the branch level6 - starting with version v3.5) and distributes an AAR-library suitable for the Android platform. It is not modularized like Time4J itself, but its (single) artifact "time4j-android" replaces the Time4J-modules "core", "i18n", "calendar", "olson" and "tzdata". Hence the only Time4J-modules which might be combined with this AAR-library are just "misc" and "range" if needed.

HijriDatePicker - Material (Gregorian - Hijri) Date & Time Picker

  •    Java

This library offers a hijri (Islamic Calendar) Date Picker designed on Google's Material Design Principals For Pickers for Android 4.1 (API 16) +. In order to receive the date set in the picker, you will need to implement the OnDateSetListener interfaces. Typically this will be the Dialog that creates the Pickers. The callbacks use the same API as the standard Android pickers.

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