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tiled - A generic tile map editor

  •    C++

Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor. It is meant to be used for editing maps of any tile-based game, be it an RPG, a platformer or a Breakout clone. Tiled is very flexible, for example there are no restrictions on map size, tile size or the number of layers or tiles. Also, it allows arbitrary properties to be set on the map, its layers, the tiles or on the objects. Its map format (TMX) is relatively easy to understand and allows a map to use multiple tilesets while also allowing each tileset to grow or shrink as necessary later.

slate - Pixel Art Editor

  •    C++

Slate was built for pixel art, and its goal is to simplify the creation of sprites and tilesets by offering a user-friendly, customisable interface. See the releases page for the available downloads.

mbtileserver - Basic Go server for mbtiles

  •    Go

A simple Go-based server for map tiles stored in mbtiles format. Requires Go 1.8.

rltiles - GitHub clone of RL Tiles (graphical tileset for Roguelike games) + JSON metadata + selector

  •    C

View the interactive tileset explorer here and then check out rltiles-2d.json and rltiles-2d.png. The .txt files seemed simple enough, and I couldn't figure out tools in tools/, so I wrote a small tool to do what I want.

Tileset-Templates - Tileset and tilemap templates for Krita, Photoshop and Tiled 1.0


See the releases tab to get all the files. Copyright (c) 2017 Nathan Lovato. Licensed under CC-By 4.0 terms.

godot-tiled-importer - Plugin for Godot Engine to import Tiled Map Editor tilemaps and tilesets

  •    GDScript

This is a plugin for Godot Engine to import TileMaps and TileSets from the Tiled Map Editor. Note: This is compatible only with Godot 3.0 or later. For Godot 2.x, use the 1.x branch.

zaffre - A fast clojure console library

  •    Clojure

Zaffre is fast console library for drawing characters to a screen.