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tikv - Distributed transactional key value database powered by Rust and Raft

  •    Rust

Geo-Replication TiKV uses Raft and Placement Driver to support Geo-Replication.Horizontal scalability With Placement Driver and carefully designed Raft groups, TiKV excels in horizontal scalability and can easily scale to 100+ TBs of data.

tikv - Distributed transactional key-value database, originally created to complement TiDB

  •    Rust

TiKV is an open-source, distributed, and transactional key-value database. Unlike other traditional NoSQL systems, TiKV not only provides classical key-value APIs, but also transactional APIs with ACID compliance. Built in Rust and powered by Raft, TiKV was originally created to complement TiDB, a distributed HTAP database compatible with the MySQL protocol. The design of TiKV ('Ti' stands for titanium) is inspired by some great distributed systems from Google, such as BigTable, Spanner, and Percolator, and some of the latest achievements in academia in recent years, such as the Raft consensus algorithm.

titan - A Distributed Redis Protocol Compatible NoSQL Database

  •    Go

Our goal is to build a solid NoSQL database aiming to run in the production environment. We are using Titan in production inside Meitu now. If you cannot wait to experiment it in the production environment, feel free to contact us for technical supporting.

redis-articles - Redis相关文章每日精选~

  •    Shell

请扫描下面二维码, 回复 申请加入Redis交流群 即可.

perseus - Perseus is a set of scripts (docker+javascript) to investigate a distributed database's responsiveness when one of its three nodes is isolated from the peers

  •    Javascript

All the testing systems have something similar. They are distributed consistent databases (key-value storages) which tolerates up to n failure of 2n+1 nodes. This testing suite uses a three nodes configuration with a fourth node acting as a client. The client spawns three threads (coroutines). Each thread opens a connection to one of the three DB's node and in loop reads, increments and writes a value back.

tidb-operator - TiDB operator creates and manages TiDB clusters running in Kubernetes

  •    Go

TiDB Operator manages TiDB clusters on Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a TiDB cluster. It makes TiDB a truly cloud-native database. Warning: Currently, TiDB Operator is work in progress [WIP] and is NOT ready for production. Use at your own risk.

killy - 🎮 🆓 Play TiDB in Minecraft! Created by @gaocegege @codeworm96 @hawkingrei in Go Hack 2017

  •    Go

Feel free to hack on killy! CONTRIBUTING.md will help you to get involved into the development of killy.

tidb-operator - Tidb-operator creates/configures/manages tidb clusters atop Kubernetes

  •    Go

tidb-operator manage multiple tidb cluster atop Kubernetes, support multi-tenant, and online scale up or dowm, rolling upgrades, multiple disk mount points, full / incremental migrate data to tidb cluster, all operations web. Note: Currently only support kubernetes version is 1.7, all port ranges [10000-15000). Only provide restful api, easy to integrate into the existing web frame.