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  •    Java


MyIT CRM - Best Open Source Service and Repairs CRM program available

  •    PHP

MyIT CRM is designed for the needs of the Service and Repairs Business Industry. MyITCRM provides your business the tools to maintain and track your customers information and work orders, payments made, invoicing, employees and jobs. Whilst MyIT CRM was originally designed for the Computer Repairs Industry, it can easily be used for any type of repairs related business

handesk - A Powerful Laravel Help Desk and Lead Management App

  •    PHP

Handesk has been created by our need (At Revo Systems www.revo.works) to have a powerful yet simple Ticketing system, we needed a system that allowed us to have multiple teams, with multiple users, easy and efficient reporting by all/team/user as well as lead management.

TicketDesk - Help Desk Issue Tracking

  •    DotNet

TicketDesk is a complete issue tracking system for IT Help Desks with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. It is an ASP.NET MVC web application written in C#.

HelpDesk - Very simple ticket and bugtracking web app for very small companies

  •    ASPNET

A simple helpdesk web application to keep track of bugs and client requests, aimed at very small companies with many projects and different clients. The primary goal is for it to be as usable and intuitive as possible ; features will come next (except if it improves everyday ...

ruby-escper - Escper is a collection of essential tools that make printing of plain text and images to one or many serial thermal printers easy

  •    Ruby

Escper is a Ruby library that makes printing of plain text and images to one or several serial thermal printers easy. USB, serial (RS232) and TCP/IP based printers are supported. Escper is useful for Ruby-based Point of Sale (POS) systems that want to print receipts, tickets or labels. Escper has been used as the printing 'engine' for my Point of Sale software Salor Hospitality. However, since I do no longer develop or maintain Salor Hospitality, I have no plans to develop or maintain this library any further. The version on Rubygems.org is upstream/1.2.2 and was working reliably with Ruby 1.9.3.

node-ticket-manager - a simple ticket system contians a centeral ticket dispatcher and distributed workers

  •    CSS

A simple pull-based job/ticket system contians a centeral ticket dispatcher and distributed workers. This system is written in NodeJS, runing on MongoDB

print-tag - Simple npm module for print tags in many formats

  •    Javascript

Simple module to generate PDF tags for print in comercial formats

LOTS - Little Open Ticket System - a simple code issue tool

  •    Javascript

LOTS is a simple ticketing system for code. Using twitter style tagging, you can add a !comment with a #tag and an optional ^priority. These are then presented in a web interface. LOTS can also find any mention of the word “TODO” in your code.

node-megabus - Megabus Ticket Finder

  •    TypeScript

megabus is Megabus (US) ticket finder library for Node.js. See the contributors.

ticketator - Django simple ticketing system

  •    HTML

Ticketator is a simple ticketing system developed in Python 2, based on Django Framework. It's inspired in some Jira features and others ticketing systems commonly used by IT Departments. Ticketator is about tickets, queues, users and groups.

ticket - 简单的工单系统

  •    HTML

The Laravel framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

json2xml - json to xml converter in python3

  •    Python

A Simple python utility to convert JSON to XML(Supports 3.5.x and 3.6.x). It can be used to convert a json file to xml or from an URL that returns json data.

TicketView - :ticket: A custom view for showing tickets

  •    Kotlin

You can improve/fix some part of it . Assuming that the code in question already has automated (unit) tests, do add tests for the code you submit. This isn't a hard rule. There are various cases where you may need to add code without test coverage (e.g. when adding a Object), but if it can be tested, it should be tested.

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