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thumbnailPhoto Editor

ThumbnailPhoto Editor is a sample tool to easily set own photograph.


WebShooter component can be integrated with your application to make web site snapshot. Create bitmaps in different formats .png, .gif, .bmp, .png. The component can resize the image and saved to disk. The sources also cotain Win application which implements the component.


A responsive friendly jQuery plugin that gives you a huge performance boost when embedding YouTube videos by first fetching the video's thumbnail, and then fetching and swapping in the iFrame only when the thumbnail is clicked.


jQuery plugin to resize images - Please note you can also resize images using CSS. Check the link below.


Add Vimeo videos to your website using only their ID. Automatically retrieves the video thumbnail, and only loads videos when they are clicked, maximizing page performance.

youtube-video-api - Simplified programmatic and command-line interface for YouTube Video API

Straightforward node.js/io.js programmatic and command-line interface to easily upload, list, update, rate, thumbnail and delete videos from YouTube using OAuth2 and Google API v3.Rationale note: I created this package to solve my personal frustration after using further solutions to interact with Youtube Videos API in a realiable way. I wish it can dissipate your frustration as well.