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Salamandra - Salamandra is a tool to find spy microphones that use radio freq to transmit

  •    Python

Salamandra is a tool to detect and locate spy microphones in closed environments. It find microphones based on the strength of the signal sent by the microphone and the amount of noise and overlapped frequencies. Based on the generated noise it can estimate how close or far away you are from the microphone. To use Salamandra you nee to have a SDR (Software Define Radio) device. It can be any from the cheap USB devices, such as this.

clubber - Application of music theory in audio reactive visualizations

  •    Javascript

This small js library listens to audio sources and extracts the underlying rhythmic information. The linear frequency energies are converted into midi notes which music theory suggests to be a better segregation for music audio. A set of meaningful measurements are produced in a form suitable for direct use in webgl shaders, or any other context. This simple flow provides a powerful framework for the rapid development of awesome audio reactive visualisations.

tss-rb - A Ruby implementation of Threshold Secret Sharing (Shamir) as defined in IETF Internet-Draft draft-mcgrew-tss-03

  •    Ruby

This code is new and has not yet been tested in production. Use at your own risk. The share format and interface should be fairly stable now but should not be considered fully stable until v1.0.0 is released. This Ruby gem implements Threshold Secret Sharing, as specified in the Network Working Group Internet-Draft submitted by D. McGrew (draft-mcgrew-tss-03.txt).

smoothstep - the smoothstep() function

  •    Javascript

Bare-bones smoothstep function (cubic Hermite interpolation), returning a value in the range 0.0 to 1.0. Performs smoothstep from min to max using the given value, by clamping and then using cubic Hermite interpolation.

cam-track - Windows, Unix, Raspberry Pi Computer python program to Track Camera X, Y Movements and Convert to Camera Pointing Position

  •    Python

Easy Install of cam-track onto Raspberry Pi or Debian Computer with latest Raspbian. For Windows and Unix computer platforms(non RPI or Debian) ensure you have the most up-to-date python version see https://www.python.org/downloads/ for latest versions. The latest versions include numpy and recent opencv that is required to run this code. You will also need a USB web cam installed and working. To install this program access the GitHub project page at https://raw.github.com/pageauc/cam-track and select the green Clone or download zip option. the files will be cloned or zipped to a cam-track folder. You can run the code from console, gui desktop or from python IDLE application.

Image-Processing-Library - Library for processing and manipulating images.

  •    CSharp

Library for processing and manipulating images. Includes edge detection, color channel swapping, embossing, sharpening, thresholding and more. Some of the filters are applied by using kernel convolution and LockBits while others use GetPixel and multithreading. Also includes a histogram generator and a hue detector. The library supports several different edge detection algorithms with different intensities.

raptor - A fast and space-efficient pre-filter for querying very large collections of nucleotide sequences

  •    C++

There may be performance benefits when compiling from source, especially when using -march=native as compiler directive. Refer to the Seqan3 Setup Tutorial for more in depth information.

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