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AR.js - Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile!

  •    Javascript

You are done! It will open a webpage which read the phone webcam, localize a hiro marker and add 3d on top of it, as you can see below. Only thanks to all of them, i could do my part : Optimizing performance from 5fps on high-end phone, to 60fps on 2years old phone.

particulate-medusae - Soft body jellyfish simulation.

  •    Javascript

Soft body jellyfish simulation. The Artistic License 2.0, see LICENSE for details.

web-ar-experiment - Experimenting with WebAR

  •    HTML

A demo of WebAR + Web Speech API used with animated glTF models. Then, you can visit the live demo.

livecodelab - a web based livecoding environment

  •    CoffeeScript

Livecodelab is a special secret place where you can make fancy "on-the-fly" 3d visuals and play awesomely offbeat (literally) sounds. "On-the-fly" meaning: as you type. Type just three letters: "box", and boom! a box appears. No clicking play, no waiting, no nothing.

neo4j-3d-force-graph - Experiments with Neo4j & 3d-force-graph https://github

  •    HTML

Some experiments using Data in Neo4j to render 3d graphs using three-js via 3d-force-graph which is a really cool repository. These pages use the Neo4j javascript driver to query the graph for some basic data and render it in the 3d-graph.

cezanne - This is a project showing varied shading algorithms with a simple apple.

  •    Javascript

This is a project showing varied shading algorithms with a simple apple. GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) is mainly used for the shading effect, with the help of Three.js.

Ludum-Dare-33 - :video_game: Ludum Dare 33 entry "Otherworldly Stars"

  •    Javascript

Entry for Ludum Dare 33, the world's largest online game jam. Play it here, visit the Ludum Dare submission page, or watch this playthrough video.

vue-gl - Vue.js components rendering 3D graphics reactively via three.js

  •    Javascript

Vue.js components rendering 3D graphics reactively via three.js. See the documents for more details. Define objects by tags. Save the following code as a html file, and open in any modern browser.

Three.js-Solar-Exploration - :rocket: Exploration the solar system created by Three.js

  •    Javascript

Home page is the solar system, every planet in it can be clicked to see the detailed data. Put the base folder in a web environment, for example apache, and then open the index.html.

a-mmd - A-Frame MMD component

  •    Javascript

a-mmd is an A-Frame MMD component which enables MMD models to dance and sing. To draw outline, use A-Frame Outline effect component.

quantized-mesh-viewer - Render custom quantized mesh tiles in Cesium

  •    Javascript

Render custom quantized mesh tiles in Cesium and debug individual tiles using THREE.js renderer. For generation quantized-mesh tiles from raster you can use the heremaps/tin-terrain tool.

ladybug-web - Ladybug for web provides weather data visualization and analysis on the web

  •    HTML

The traditional figure eight ( or infinity symbol on its side) representation of Sun positions. In 3D with geolocation and maps. View the shadows on a 3D model of your choice - given latitude, longitude, data and time. Displays OBJ and MTL files using drag and drop. Also displays analemmas and is adjustable using a variety of parameters.

argo-graph-lite - Interactive Graph Visualization in Your Browser

  •    Javascript

An interactive graph visualization system that runs in your web browsers. No installation needed. You can publish your "graph snapshot" as a URL link. Anyone with the link will be able to access and continue their exploration from this snapshot. You can still save the snapshot locally as a file if you prefer.

three-kt-wrapper - Kotlin wrappers for Three.js

  •    Kotlin

Use JitPack. See below for how this works using Gradle. Check the link for other builds systems.

threejs-model-loader - THREE

  •    Javascript

THREE.js Model Loader for delegating to the appropriate and normalizing the result of different geometry loaders. Uses the file's extension to an appropriate loader function. A map of file extensions to THREE Loader names that are provided with the THREE project. When using imports or require the loaders are not available so these loader functions must be registered manually.

threejs-octree - A rough octree implementation to support frustum culling and raycasts in complex THREE

  •    Javascript

A rough octree implementation to support frustum culling and raycasts in complex THREE.js scenes. NOTE: Code is generally unmatained and unfinished.

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