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SwiftEventBus - A publish/subscribe EventBus optimized for iOS

  •    Swift

Subscribers implement event handling methods that will be called when an event is received. Post an event from any part of your code. All subscribers matching the event type will receive it.

pthreads - Threading for PHP

  •    PHP

This project provides multi-threading that is compatible with PHP based on Posix Threads. It can execute any and all predefined and user declared methods and functions asynchronously. It has built-in support of Synchronization, Synchronized Methods.

AtomicKit - Concurrency made simple in Swift.

  •    Swift

Concurrency made simple in Swift. AtomicKit is a Swift framework designed to ease dealing with concurrency in Swift projects.

Kommander-iOS - A lightweight, pure-Swift library for manage the task execution in different threads

  •    Swift

Kommander is a Swift library to manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand. Inspired on the Java library Kommander from Wokdsem.

Threadly - Type-safe thread-local storage in Swift

  •    Swift

Threadly is a Swift µframework that allows for type-safe thread-local storage. Thread-local storage (TLS) lets you define a single variable that each thread has its own separate copy of. This is great for cases such as having a mutable global variable that can't be safely accessed by multiple threads.

MainThreadGuard - :guardsman: Tracking UIKit access on main thread

  •    Swift

Xcode 9+ has Main Thread Checker, which detects invalid use of AppKit, UIKit, and other APIs from a background thread.

gls - goroutine local storage (use context instead if possible)

  •    Go

It is intended to be used by framworks to simplify context passing. Use context.Context to pass context if possible.

go-worker-thread-pool - A visual working example of a Thread Pool pattern, based on a known blog article

  •    Go

In computer programming, a thread pool is a software design pattern for achieving concurrency of execution in a computer program. Often also called a replicated workers or worker-crew model, a thread pool maintains multiple threads waiting for tasks to be allocated for concurrent execution by the supervising program. By maintaining a pool of threads, the model increases performance and avoids latency in execution due to frequent creation and destruction of threads for short-lived tasks. I want to get a better grasp of the pattern so I made a dummy running example, with a few alternations. I also added a visual representation using a HTML basic client & websockets. The user can send fake jobs to process, and everything is slowed down (to seconds) so the user can observe the worker behaviours.

GoSlaves - Fast asynchonous goroutine pool for Golang

  •    Go

GoSlaves is a simple golang's library which can handle wide list of tasks asynchronously and safely. Note that all of this benchmarks have been implemented as his owners recommends. More of this goroutine pools works with more than 4 goroutines.

VSAlert - An drop-in replacement for UIAlertController with more power and better looks.

  •    Objective-C

For a quick start guide, see the project website. The website is hosted on GitHub Pages, and is built using Jekyll and jekyll-docs-theme. Full documentation is available on the project website. Documentation is generated with JazzyDoc, and styled using Jony. The hosted documentation is applicable for the latest version found under 'releases'.