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threads.js - Easy to use, yet powerful multi-threading library for node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

Javascript thread library. Uses web workers when run in browsers and child processes when run by node.js. Also supports browsers which do not support web workers.You don't have to write the thread's code inline. The file is expected to be a commonjs module (so something that uses module.exports = ...), for node and browser.

thread-pool - Thread pool implementation using c++11 threads

  •    C++

A thread pool is a technique that allows developers to exploit the concurrency of modern processors in an easy and efficient manner. It's easy because you send "work" to the pool and somehow this work gets done without blocking the main thread. It's efficient because threads are not initialized each time we want work to be done. Threads are initialized once and remain inactive until some work has to be done. This way we minimize the overhead. There are many many Thread pool implementations in C++, many of them are probably better (safer, faster...) than mine. However, I belive my implementation is very straightforward and easy to understand.

pthread_pool - A simple implementation of thread pooling for C/C++ using POSIX threads

  •    C

A simple implementation of thread pooling for C/C++ using POSIX threads. Each pool has a designated worker function, and expects to be given a number of work items. Any thread in the pool can take a work item, and will pass the work item to the pool's worker function. The work items are void *, and are passed to the worker function exactly as they are given to pool_enqueue. The return values of the worker functions are ignored.

IYFThreading - A C++11 thread pool and profiler

  •    C++

This is a header only C++11 (and later) library that contains a thread pool and a profiler. It is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license and only depends on the standard library. Last but not least, when testing, this library is built with -fsanitize=thread and the sanitizer does not detect any invalid behaviour. This library is still being tested and refined. You should consider it to be a BETA VERSION.

goethe - Threading and Caching Utilities for golang

  •    Go

This package provides several useful threading, locking and caching utilities for use in golang. In particular goethe (pronounced ger-tay) threads have thread-ids which can be useful for logging and in thread pools. This package maintains one global goethe implementation which can be gotten using the github.com/jwells131313/goethe.GetGoethe() method.

dcard-spider - A spider on Dcard. Strong and speedy.

  •    Python

快如閃電的爬蟲,迅速獲得 Dcard 上所有看板的文章! Spider needs for speed. This will be a library project for dcard continously crawling spider. And also provides end-user friendly features.

isolated-threads - NodeJS real threads with shared memory

  •    Javascript

Since the different thread is executed in an isolated instance of v8, you will not be able to use Buffer or require and you will not have access to any kind of event loop functions, like setTimeout or setInterval. When you are passing data between isolates, the data is serialized and copied between threads (read more here). If you with to copy a large amount of data, you should use Typed Arrays (like UInt8Array or Float64Array) with a SharedArrayBuffer backend (if available). In the above example we allocate a w * h * c sized shared buffer, and then use it as a backend for Uint8Array. We do all data manipulation using the uint8 array and then return back the shared one. Upon receiving the shared array from the thread, we reinterpret it into a uint8 array and extract our data.

grete - kafka client with threads and a scheduler

  •    Clojure

is gregor's sister that adds a threadpool and a scheduler

workerpool - A simple thread pool for stateful parallel task execution

  •    Rust

A worker threadpool used to execute a number of jobs atop stateful workers in parallel. It spawns a specified number of worker threads and replenishes the pool if any worker threads panic. A worker is provided in workerpool::thunk, a stateless ThunkWorker<T>. It executes on inputs of Thunk<T>, effectively argumentless functions that are Sized + Send. These thunks are creates by wrapping functions which return T with Thunk::of.

penguinV - Simple and fast C++ image processing library with focus on heterogeneous systems

  •    C++

You can develop a software within minutes of your time to obtain high performance and accuracy. It is up to developer to decide which device (CPU or GPU) would execute the code or give such control to the library. We welcome and appreciate any help, even if it's a tiny text or code change. Please read contribution page before starting work on a pull request. All contributors are listed in the project's wiki page. Not sure what to start with? Feel free to refer to good first issue or help wanted tags.

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