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WatTVDb Library for TVDb API


.NET Library for use with the XML API available from TheTVDB.com

node-tvdb - A node library for thetvdb.com

  •    CoffeeScript

We have stopped working on this library. Please use the great alternative edwellbrook/node-tvdb instead. It's a wrapper for thetvdbs XML API, written in CoffeeScript for node. You won't be in contact with any XML if you use this library.

node-tvdb - Node.js library for accessing TheTVDB API

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for accessing TheTVDB JSON API. Originally based on joaocampinhos/thetvdb-api to give nicer output and additional features. Pull requests are always very welcome.

tvcl - A simple terminal show tracker

  •    Javascript

This small tool is a CLI for http://thetvdb.com/ API. It allows to track tv shows you follow and the episodes you didn't watch yet. tvcl uses the http://thetvdb.com/ API. In order to use it you should get an API key and put it into THETVDB_API_KEY environment variable.

DroidShows - A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker

  •    Java

DroidShows: A Reboot of DroidSeries Offline TV Shows Tracker This fork adds quite a bunch of features, among which an improved interface, a menu overflow button, pinning, quick search and filters, a separate archive/backlog list, a last seen episodes log, swipe gestures, more show information, backup/restore, double episode entries clean-up, faster updating, cover and fan art view, a modern launcher icon and it speeds up responsiveness significantly by (more) efficient SQL queries and some threading. DroidShows only needs an internet connection when updating the show info or watching full-size posters.

wtchr - Open-source privacy focused show downloader & tracker.

  •    Javascript

Manage and download your shows using your TheTVDB account. This application does not collect any of your data, has no connection to any servers except for the TheTVDB requests when accessing its API and the scraping of ThePirateBay. This application is very privacy focused and works completely stand-alone. But please do not file large Pull request with multiple file modifications out of the blue without any context.