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lvgl - Graphics library to create embedded GUI with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects and low memory footprint

  •    C

You can test the graphics library in a PC simulator, if you don't have an embedded hardware. The simulator uses SDL2 library to emulate a display on your monitor and a touch pad with your mouse.

lv_drivers - TFT and touch pad drivers for LittlevGL embedded GUI library

  •    C

Display controller and touchpad driver to can be directly used with LittlevGL. To learn more about using drivers in LittlevGL visit the Porting guide.

lv_projects - LittlevGL based projects for development boards, microcontrollers and several platforms

  •    C

This repository contains projects where LittlevGL is configures for a development board or microcontroller. Contributing is very welcome! Please, share with others if you used LittlevGL with a new board or MCU.

hw - Microcontroller and PC periphery and device drivers, e.g. TFT, Touch pad, SD card etc.

  •    C

This Hardware Library is written mainly for the Littlev Graphics Library. If you would like to create GUI for an embedded system you should visit its repository or website. There are drivers for different microcontroller families and even for PC. You can easily change between families by modifying a define in hw_conf.h because all drivers use the same API.

micrOS - An Arduino Mega Operating System With TFT TouchScreen Support

  •    C

An Arduino Mega Operating System With TFT TouchScreen and Micro SD Card Support. This is an operating system I have written from scratch for Arduino Mega. It is optimized to work with MCUFriend's 3.5 inch TFT TouchScreen shield and I am currently working to support the SIM900 GSM Shield for SIM Card Support. Tests on this shield and the OS have been conclusive, but I still have to fix stuff here and there, therefore I am not releasing the BaseBand (GSM Shield) code for it yet. It should, however, boot without that with a small kernel patch, refer to patches.

esp32-youtube-display - Display Youtube metrics using Google API and MicroPython

  •    Jupyter

Fetch data from an Youtube channel using Google API's. For ease of usage and development I decided to use MicroPython running on an ESP32 Wifi board. The TFT Display used was one based on ST7735R driver, but this can easily be ported to other by just using different drivers available here. I added the 3d models for the case that I made. I built it on Tinkercad.