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tensorflow.js_explained - This is the code for "Tensorflow.js Explained" By Siraj Raval on Youtube

  •    Javascript

Detect objects in images right in your browser using Tensorflow.js! Currently takes ~800ms to analyze each frame on Chrome MBP 13" mid-2014. Supports Tiny YOLO, as of right now, tfjs does not have support to run any full YOLO models (and your user's computers probably can't handle it either).

tfjs-tiny-yolov2 - Tiny YOLO v2 object detection with tensorflow.js.

  •    TypeScript

JavaScript object detection in the browser based on a tensorflow.js implementation of tiny yolov2. The face detection model is one of the models available in face-api.js.

deep-learning-browser - Official repository of the book "Deep learning in the browser" published by Bleeding Edge Press August 2018

  •    Javascript

Official repository of the book Deep learning in the browser released August 2018 and published by Bleeding Edge Press. Here you will find all of the source code of the demos in the book. Clone the repo and all submodules.